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tag :: confusing
Spray Tag Count Route Name Wall Name Region Name Type Grade Length Picture
1 Swedish Fish The Chocolate Factory Southern Region Sport 5.12a 110ft
1 Gumby Unicorn Left Flank Gray's Branch Region Trad 5.1 30ft
1 No Sleep Till Campton What About Bob Wall Southern Region Sport 5.10b 80ft
1 Nystagmus Cooper's Cove Miller Fork Sport 5.8 30ft
1 Amish Whoopie Cushion The Crossroads Southern Region Sport 5.11d 0ft
1 There Goes the Neighborhood Funk Rock City Eastern Gorge Region Sport 5.11c 95ft
1 Endangered Species The Stadium Muir Valley Sport 5.11b 45ft  
1 Coming out Party Shady Grove Southern Region Sport 5.11d 75ft