Yank the Mank in Red River Gorge, KY!
The Red River Gorge is a world class sport climbing venue that has undergone exponential growth in the last 2 decades. In 1990 there were 600 routes in the Red; in 2000 there were 1000 routes; in 2010 there were 1800 routes. Today there are now over 2000 routes with hundreds more on the way.
The majority of hardware placed in past two decades has utilized zinc plated carbon steel. The problem with this is that these bolts are prone to corrosion (mank) which means that in the next 10 to 15 years the work load for re-bolting, and costs associated with it, are going to go up exponentially. Stainless steel bolts are much more corrosion resistant but come at a price that is easily triple that of the zinc plated variety. However, it is time to make the switch to stainless steel and break this cycle before it becomes unmanageable.
The Bolt Fund has been started to facilitate a partnership between climbers and developers. We are in this together and it is a chance for you to have a say in how we manage the Red River Gorge as a sport climbing resource. Your donation to the Mank Bank will partially off-set the cost of stainless steel bolts allowing developers to continue developing while utilizing materials that will help ensure the long-term sustainability of sport climbing in the Red.
Our goal is to place at least 1000 stainless steel bolts per year in the Red River Gorge. Every bolt you help subsidize today will be one less corroded bolt to replace tomorrow. Make a difference and donate today.
The retail cost of one stainless steel bolt is about $10. On average, one route is equipped with 8 bolts. Please consider making a $50 donation.
Donation Amount
Questions? Send an email to the Mank Bank
Warning: Rock climbing is inherently dangerous. All climbers are personally responsible for learning the proper techniques and using good judgement. Never trust your life to a single piece of gear and backup protection whenever possible. Fixed gear is not foolproof - inspect every piece before clipping in and back-off if the gear looks marginal. Climbers are responsible for their own actions and decisions. Failure to follow these warnings can result in severe injury or death.
Disclaimer: 100% of the donation WILL go directly to placement of stainless steel bolts in the Red. However, in order to avoid liability there will be NO transparency regarding how, where, or if these bolts are placed. If you do not feel comfortable with donating under these conditions DO NOT donate.
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