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Black Plague

This route is located in the Southern Region at Solar Collector and Gold Coast

God's Own Stone

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Black Gold 5.13c (Sport) ****

First Ascent: Bill Ramsey in 2003
Length: 60ft
Bolts: 8 (report bad bolts/anchors)

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Move 30 feet right of the previous lines to a taller section of the wall. Climb up past shelves to a large ledge 15 feet up. Climb over loose rock then head left for 3 bolts to a dark brown streak. Continue straight up the blank face to anchors in a hueco just before the top.
Moves: Crimps
Descent: Chain Anchor
Stays Dry: Does not stay dry
Owner: RRGCC
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4.8 stars (10 votes)
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5.13c (7 votes)

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Submitted by: Anonymous
Date: Oct 19th, 2012


Anonymous said on April 24th, 2005
Dear Black Gold, Last time you were dry was some time ago. Could you try to be climbable in the near future? Love Danny
pumpout2004 said on September 11th, 2012
Dear Black Gold, There are many other routes in my life, but there is something special about you. When you and I are together its like magic. I can't stop thinking about crimping on your rails. See you soon. Love Dave
Anonymous said on September 22nd, 2012
FOUR stars! What the hell has the world come to? This is the BEST route in the entire world. Now before you try and tell me about some other chose pile, don't because you are WRONG!!!!! Black gold is far superior. Kind of like how the red is superior to the new
SCIN said on September 22nd, 2012
Aw how adorable. Such passion. I'm sure that slice of rock and bolts loves you too. If it could speak it would say "rie rove you too riddle buddy" in kind of a Scooby Doo like voice.
melkin22 said on December 4th, 2015
Is there any chance of this being dry around the first week in April?
Anonymous said on December 4th, 2015
Depends how many goats you sacrifice in March.
climb2core said on December 4th, 2015
I checked the forecast. Weather looks really bad the last week in March. But stellar by 3rd week of April. If you can push your trip back 2 weeks it will be bone dry.
Anonymous said on December 5th, 2015
Haha. One of the dumber questions I have read on this sight.
Anonymous said on December 5th, 2015
It will be soaking wet for sure, go to the New
Anonymous said on December 5th, 2015
With all the spray from the route to the right I'm surprised it's not personally soaked.
melkin22 said on December 5th, 2015
Haha. Ok let me rephrase that. IS there any chance of this being dry in april, or is this crag typically wet?
Anonymous said on December 8th, 2015
Almost never dry in the spring
Anonymous said on December 8th, 2015
It's bolted in a water streak and April is one of rainier months, the 1st week probably being the rainiest of April. A better question is asking yourself why you think someone can predict the exact conditions on a route 4-5 months in advance. You probably pray to a velvet Jesus with blond hair and blue eyes don't you honkey?