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Peace Frog

This route is located in the Muir Valley at The Sanctuary

Prometheus Unbound

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Hoosier Boys 5.12d (Sport)

First Ascent: Mike Kerzhner, Greg Martin in 2005
Length: 80ft
Bolts: 9 (report bad bolts/anchors)

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Begin just right of Peace Frog. Climb up to a roof and move out over the lip to gain the steep face. Climb on sharp pockets to a big sidepull move then move on to more pockets leading to a suspect flake. Carefully climb the flake to gain a less overhanging face leading to a short roof just before the chains.
Moves: Crimps or Edges
Descent: Chain Anchor
Stays Dry: Downpour
Owner: Muir Valley

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5.12d (3 votes)

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Submitted by: italianwrestler125
Date: Aug 21st, 2008

Submitted by: italianwrestler125
Date: Aug 21st, 2008

Submitted by: italianwrestler125
Date: Aug 21st, 2008

Submitted by: italianwrestler125
Date: Aug 21st, 2008


Anonymous said on September 12th, 2005
This route got an FA on Sept. 10, 2005. It is 5.12d. It's called "I Shot the Sheriff."
t bone said on September 13th, 2005
It is was given a name for the guide book and it will not be changed.
stix said on September 22nd, 2005
that's bs......the fa names the route
enduro said on September 26th, 2005
that is total bs.... the route was an open project and the FA was completly ligitimate. Therefore, the FA does name the route.
Anonymous said on September 26th, 2005
It is PRIVATE property and the OWNER can name it anything he wants to. I guess if you all do not like that, you do not have to climb there.
J-Rock said on September 27th, 2005
The landowner renamed this route to end any naming controversy.
Anonymous said on September 28th, 2005
I didn't know that Muir Valley was a tyranny. Climbing just isn't what it used to be...
Anonymous said on October 3rd, 2005
I think that if Rick really wanted to end any controversy he wouldn't have given it a name related to said controversy. This name is no less immature than "I shot the sherriff"
serial killer said on October 3rd, 2005
thats exactly how i feel
bryan said on October 3rd, 2005
It does seem like this is instigating more than ending controversy
serial killer said on October 3rd, 2005
Greg did not get the FA on this route. He bolted it from rappell for someone else and not only never redpointed it but also never even cliped a bolt on the thing. mike got the FA and should be given credit.
weber said on October 3rd, 2005
If a person wishes to do a sport FA in Muir Valley, he/she must FIRST receive permission to put up that route, or at least be part of the development team that received permission to put up that route. Then, after sending it, this person should, in a timely manner, provide the FA information to Tim Powers or Jared Hancock who will enter the name of the climber, route name, date, and rating provided by the FAer into this online guide and the Muir Valley route database. The FAer is NOT to scrawl his choice for the route name across the base of the climb. Anonymous and/or unapproved FAs, of course, cannot and will not be recognized. Anyone caught pirating an assigned route project in Muir Valley will lose his/her visitor privleges.
Toy said on October 5th, 2005
If this is the route I think it is, it seemed harder than the one to the left. Have some holds broken?
J-Rock said on October 7th, 2005
Mike who? We were never given a name.
enduro said on October 7th, 2005
OK, here is the thing. I was the one who got the FA (Mike Kerzhner). The FA was completely and totally legitimate because I talked to Greg Martin who bolted the route and he told me he bolted it for Tim and did not want it. He told me that it was now Tim's route. Then I talked to Tim and he told me that he doesn’t like others bolting routes for him and he doesn’t want the route either. So both Greg and Tim (the two people responsible for the route) were fine with other people getting on the route. Therefore, we went out and did the route in order to take off the red tag and let other people get on it. We gave it a name that everyone knows by now and rated it 12d. Apparently others did not think the name was creative or funny (and we should not have put it in chalk at the bottom of the route). However chalk is easily removable, and I still don’t see what the big deal is about that. So apparently some individuals are offended by the name, and I don't really care if I have to change it.
Anonymous said on November 15th, 2005
Enduro you are dumb Jackass!!
enduro said on November 17th, 2005
“Someone,” here is my reply. I might be a dumb Jackass, but here are a few things in my defense: At least I have the balls to post as myself and not "someone," And I am sure I can onsight “someone’s” every single project. I rest my case.
Anonymous said on November 17th, 2005
You think! I don't have projects punk! If you think you know who i am, then bring it on little man.
Anonymous said on November 17th, 2005
Hey enduro, I onsighted this route, did you!
enduro said on November 18th, 2005
Well, I don't know who you are because you don't have the balls to post as yourself. Oh you don't have any projects? You did all the 5.6s in the gorge already?
Anonymous said on February 18th, 2006
Is someone ever going to fix these routes? Or name them?
SCIN said on November 25th, 2007
Wow, I haven't bailed on a route due to choss factor in a long time but this line screamed for a bail biner. Thanks for the loaner, Kenny. Pulling multiple moves on a time bomb flake just isn't any fun.
italianwrestler125 said on August 19th, 2008
makes a little more sense now that i see the online version says this is 12c/12d. felt extremely stout for 12b. very crispy holds.