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Fear or Common Sense

This route is located in the Muir Valley at Sunnyside

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Continental 5.12b (Sport) ****

First Ascent: Jared Hancock, J.J. in 2004
Length: 80ft
Bolts: 8 (report bad bolts/anchors)

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Boulder problem start to pocketed section resembling the dark continent. Long, sustained, pumpy moves up spaced out pockets and slopers. Equipped by Brad Combs.
Moves: Bouldery
Descent: Chains
Stays Dry: Light rain
Owner: Muir Valley

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3.6 stars (5 votes)
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5.12a (8 votes)

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Horatio Felacio said on March 27th, 2005
i do not care for your name "Africa" and your racist reference to the "dark continent".
Anonymous said on April 5th, 2005
Hey Horatio. Looks like you haven't done Africa (5.9). Do you know why its named Africa ? You obviously dont. So I suggest you dont comment about racist references. Besides, do you know why Africa is called the "dark continent". Its not race. Read your geography, lead Africa (look for features at the base of the route) before you make your remarks.
Horatio Felacio said on May 5th, 2005
i do not think that you should say, "lead africa" in a public guidebook such as this. this is a racial slur undercutting the works of the great leaders nelson mandela, martin luther king jr., and others. also, i don't think you know why africa IS the DARK CONTINENT...not WAS. Please do not post things of a serious nature such as this, when you clearly have no idea. Research first, then talk. thank you.
Horatio Felacio said on May 5th, 2005
I also do not like your comment, "look for features at the base of the route" in reference to the naming of "Africa". do you mean mud, sticks, rocks, or moss? if so, i do not think this is wise to suggest that african-americans look like features at the bases of routes. you might want to delete your comment out of respect.
Anonymous said on July 20th, 2005
how do you delete posts..i didnt think that was possible
Horatio Felacio said on August 1st, 2005
by "posts" do you mean african-americans? i cannot believe you would write something on a public forum about the genocide of black people. not cool dude.
Anonymous said on June 11th, 2006
Great climb, if it had bolts it would get a lot of traffic
Stewy911 said on July 1st, 2006
does this have bolts?
512OW said on June 4th, 2007
I never thought I would say this.... but this should be bolted....
heavyc said on December 20th, 2007
I agree with Kris, if it had bolts IMO it would be one of the best 12a's at Muir, neat features to climb on
Anonymous said on October 13th, 2010
this thing looks really awesome. any chance of it opening soonish?
Andrew said on October 13th, 2010
Unfortunately the person who bolted this has been to busy crushing everything he touches outside of the Valley. I will try to convince him to make the long hike back to Sunny Side soon.
dustonian said on October 13th, 2010
Is it now bolted?
tbwilsonky said on October 13th, 2010
yes. looks really good too. i'd rockclimb it.
said on October 16th, 2010
Brad Combs who bolted the rest of this route, has now passed it to me to send it...and get the red tag off of it......I dont care what goes on with the FA.....brad asked to keep the name the same....if the TR FA's want to keep that title worrys....just wanna see this awesome route get opened..... Dru
bcombs said on October 24th, 2010
Project draws were gone so I assume it was sent. I added quicklinks to the anchors today so it doesn't twist the rope as bad. Ready to ride!
pawilkes said on November 12th, 2010
this route felt pretty burly but i think that is b/c i managed to send it first go of the day and didn't hang to sort out the best beta. felt solid 12 to me but might be easier with better beta. the first 3 bolts are really cool, 4 to 5 is kinda wierd/crappy and 5th to the roof is good. thanks for bolting in Brad.
weber said on July 31st, 2013
Who had the FA on this route on lead? Dru? PAWilkes?
Andrew said on July 31st, 2013
I thought Brad did. Pretty sure I was there, but it was a long time ago, so not sure.
Anonymous said on July 31st, 2013
I never ended up getting out there to do it...I thought brad and some of his fella's went out and did it... Dru
Dmack said on July 31st, 2013
Just talked with Brad..Rob Frayer did the FA