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This route is located in the Natural Bridge Region at Lady Slipper - Global Village

The Wheel of Time

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Howard Roark 5.9+ (Trad) **

First Ascent: Alexis Scott in 2001
Length: 100ft
Gear: (report bad anchors)

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This route is to the right of “Eureka”. Scamper up and behind a rhododendron. Begin jamming in an overhanging dihedral and climb to the top of the cliff. The width of this crack varies. The top out is difficult, as there is a steep vegetated hill to claw up. Finally, move left to a rock ledge and belay. Rappel from a large tree.
Descent: Rappel from tree
Stays Dry:
Owner: NFS

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Submitted by: ahab
Date: Aug 14th, 2008


Anonymous said on February 1st, 2006
Fun route. Not as hard as it looks. Be prepared to battle spiders.
Biners_Of_Steel said on April 23rd, 2006
I beg to differ.. This route sucks!
Huggybone said on November 19th, 2006
Also Be prepared to climb some mud at the top!
RRO said on November 26th, 2007
i thought the route was fun. deserves more traffic than it gets. not a 5 star classic but def worth racking up for.
Myke Dronez said on July 8th, 2008
If your at the village and prefer spiders to snakes give it a go. Good gear, and some nice jammin but its sho nuff grimy.
Nate W said on December 20th, 2012
We caught this route in rare form yesterday. It was dry and free of mutant spiders. The dirt groveling top out is tough, but the rest of it is great fun and surprisingly casual. People need to get on this so it cleans up a bit. A full 60m should just BARELY get you down with rope stretch. Knot the ends of your rope!
rjackson said on September 15th, 2013
Get through the business off the deck and be rewarded with great climbing all the way to the top, where you can clip chains. No nasty top out. Removing spider webs is easy from multiple excellent stances. When it's dry (more often than not?), and with a little more traffic, there's the potential for this thing to be 4 stars.
caribe said on May 31st, 2016
Even the spider battle was fun! Fun route. A move here and there but fairly moderate climbing.