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Farewell Drive with a Spit in the Eye

This route is located in the Southern Region at What About Bob Wall

Threat Level Blue

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Stuck Buckeye 5.8 (Trad) *

First Ascent: Ken Thompson in 2006
Length: 75ft
Gear: (report bad anchors)

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This is the left roof next to Farewell Drive. Hands to squeeze chimney in a overhanging dihedral, good luck if you go for the direct exit, be small or be stuck. Enjoy !
Moves: unknown
Descent: tree
Stays Dry:
Owner: Private

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Submitted by: ray
Date: Oct 1st, 2006


RRO said on August 28th, 2006
today we learn the meaning of sandbagged
kneebar said on September 9th, 2006
I really did get stuck, seemed like for an hour, thought Yas was going to have to leave me for the rats!
haas said on September 9th, 2006
Matt suckered me into "warming up" on this route in the initial FA attempt. Man was that a bitch to 1: Get unstuck and 2: retrieve our gear, even from rapping in from the top. We were going to call it "Insult to Injury" Beta - don't eat before getting on this route, and tie your knot with slack so that the knot is between your legs, not at your waist. Follow that beta and it may even be 5.8-
RRO said on September 9th, 2006
it looked 5.8 from the ground