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This route is located in the Southern Region at Rival Wall


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Delayed Gratification 5.10c (Sport) ****

First Ascent: Bram Bell, Bill Strachan, JATD crew in 2006
Length: 80ft
Bolts: 9 (report bad bolts/anchors)

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This line is located just right of Hatfield. Follow a blunt arete making long moves to good iron oxide slots along the way. Fun route.
Moves: unknown
Descent: anchors
Stays Dry: Light rain
Owner: Private

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4.03 stars (76 votes)
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5.10c (69 votes)

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Submitted by: krabikrabi
Date: May 8th, 2007

Submitted by: krabikrabi
Date: May 8th, 2007

Submitted by: ray
Date: Oct 9th, 2006


RRO said on November 13th, 2006
bram sent. this route is now open and is pretty fun.
Yasmeen said on April 2nd, 2007
Really cool holds and fun moves - gets pumpy!
Anonymous said on October 22nd, 2007
What happened to craftsmanship among FA ers? This thing might be a good route one day "when it cleans up". In the mean time it sux! 3 stars! hahahahahah! PULL YOUR HEAD AN YOUR BRUSH OUT YOUR ASS
Wolf said on October 22nd, 2007
This thing is already a good route. If it's not clean enough for you (pussy), then brush it yourself.
Anonymous said on October 22nd, 2007
What are you going to tell your mother, wolf? How did you get hurt, love? "Oh some guy I didn't know who I called a pussy knocked my teeth down my throat"
JR said on October 22nd, 2007
someone is cool.
JR said on October 22nd, 2007
I though these two route where better than they look. Well bolted. Nice job guys.
Anonymous said on October 22nd, 2007
Look, all I'm saying is that the cleaning shouldn't be left to the climbers repeating the line. Take your time, clean the route. Yeah, both this thing and the choss heap next to it could one day be good routes, if the FA team had taken their time and done the work. Not every heap of sand needs a line of bolts up it.
JR said on October 22nd, 2007
Now we are getting somewhere. I agree. These are my feelings exactly. Here comes the but. But I think bolter are climbers too and they don't want to waste to much time on a route that may or may not end up popular. I seriously doubt they thought these lines where going to be their opus, they may have just thought they would be decent routes. And I think they where right. If your only beef with the routes is that you thought they should have been cleaned more thoroughly, your comments where over the top.
Boonda said on April 14th, 2008
This route totally turned my mood around. Loved it!
dirtdog said on September 29th, 2008
I loved this one -awesome route. It must be getting plenty of traffic because it was clean and fine. Thanks to the folks that put it up.
Lander said on August 24th, 2009
another long great line. gets pumpy up high!
anticlmber said on September 20th, 2009
a pussy is someone who doesn't admit who they are and then sucker punches someone. pussyfaggottasscumbubblertwat. this route is AWESOME!! it was clean enough for thr FA that's good enough. 10c is the grade of goodness in soreheel.
rich said on May 31st, 2012
Bouldery first few bolts, may seem harder for a shorter climber. Great route!
Spikeddem said on June 4th, 2012
Very good warmup! Better warmup than McCoy for sure.
climb2core said on July 11th, 2012
The only thing that made me send this was that I have this ego that thoroughly believes I can onsight a 10. Maybe it was that this was my warm up, but it felt hard just for the sustained nature and length of the climb. The climbing was ok, but felt repetitive in nature IMO. Probably worth doing once, but only once.
Anonymous said on July 11th, 2012
i frekkin love this route and don't find it repetitive at all except every move kicks ass.
Anonymous said on November 26th, 2012
Almost as good as its neighbor, though that is splitting hairs. the iron oxide features on these 2 climbs are unbelievable. Really loved these climbs, neither are dirty in anyway at this point. If you are looking for a couple good 10s start here!
krisbranin said on April 2nd, 2014
Much much harder than 10c if you're short - a 12+ climber led this up for me and agreed with a grade of solid 11a from the big moves / sketchy clips if you're short .. so if you're short and not an 11 climber this is not a good 10 for you to try to send
Anonymous said on April 24th, 2014
Do not think it is harder than 10c, krisbranin. I am no 12a climber and 5.6 tall. I on-sighted the rout and I thought the bolts were set very well and not sketchy. Ambitious rout, however, due to its length. That's the only reason I do not recommend it for warming up. In general an absolutely great climb!
Episketch said on June 12th, 2014
I'm 5'5" and had no problems reaching holds or clipping the bolts - I'd call it excellent 10c climbing. There were a few spots where I was just tall enough to reach a good hold, so it is possible that it will feel harder if you are under 5'5".