Pile Driver

This route is located in the Southern Region at Shady Grove

Street Fight

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Listerine Girl 5.9 (Sport) *

First Ascent: Jason Burton, Ron Snider, Ben Cassel in 2006
Length: 75ft
Bolts: 9 (report bad bolts/anchors)

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Just around the corner past the giant rock shelter is this line. Swish your way up a sequency section of pockets and edges into a dish. Climb up and onto the tongue feature and don’t spit off as you pull over the roof onto a well featured slab.
Stays Dry:
Owner: RRGCC

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1.9 stars (20 votes)
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K-Dawg said on October 23rd, 2006
What a steaming pile of crap. I don’t usually like to bag on a route because I know that the setters put a lot of effort with little, if any, reward. I’m sorry to say that the mark was definitely missed. Yes it takes some foot traffic to clean up the route but the only thing that would help this heap is a stick of dynamite and erasing it from your memory. More rock came down than was actually climbed (including the palm size piece that felt like a left hook from Mike Tyson to my head). The edge that you rope WILL run over has two beautiful iron veins just waiting to saw your rope into pieces. If you have to climb this route, don’t touch anything to the right, … or in the center. Stay left, far left, like the other side of the crag.
Captain Bad Beta said on October 24th, 2006
Where to start. The begining is thin, the middle is dangerous due to all the rock that came off... the the top is dirty. And, before anyone lectures me... yes i understand this isn't gym climbing, and yes I understand we are climbing outside, and that it's a new route that needs to be cleaned. But seriously, at least 11 holds broke on me; hands and feet. The entire middle section is soft and dangerous. When you are there... go left... way left.
Captain Bad Beta said on October 24th, 2006
Oh ya... one more thing. I bet "the tounge" breaks off and seriously injures someone in the future.
chriss said on October 24th, 2006
Man, you guys sound like a bunch of Pansies. If it is dirty, clean it up or shut it up. Not all routes are perfectly clean and void of brittle holds. I for one, look forward to trying the climb next time I'm in the area.
JB said on October 24th, 2006
maybe this route will one day be as classic as Shaggy!! Johnny would be proud!
Anonymous said on April 5th, 2007
Does Listerine Girl take it in the butt...I wanna know?
pigsteak said on July 8th, 2007
of the three slab routes right here, this one is the one to pass up...here is my mind as I climb "man, this thing is a piece of crap...man, this thing is scary, man, this thing is sketchy, man, this thing is pretty cool...., man, am I glad I am done..." not sure what's up with the 3rd bolt placed on a horizontal shelf. and the middle is super loose, waiting to kill your belayer....not whining, just puttin y'all onnotice....chriss, did you climb it yet?
bcombs said on November 18th, 2007
Not classic. I was glad it was over.
kirker said on November 18th, 2007
2nd that. Not a classic. Belayer should wear a helment, and safty glasses..
Cleveland said on November 19th, 2007
Definately NOT classic, along with the helmet and safety glasses get a chest protector, knee pads, and a cup, even if you're a girl. Don't even waste your time!
Anonymous said on April 10th, 2008
please don't use a wire brush on this classic route, assholes!
Myke Dronez said on April 21st, 2008
Dirty rock with some fun moves. Chossy section is easily avoided. If you liked Waltz put on your to-do list.
ReachHigh said on September 13th, 2010
there was a copperhead in a slot about half way up.
tradotto said on April 1st, 2013
Had a nub break while pulling roof, that was fun. Pretty agree with everyone else, this thing is a choss pile. If you want to get some sun to warm up for the other routes left I guess it's ok but why not just walk up the hill a little further and warm up on the 10's? Also, the guide says this route is located 30 feet from the previous routes. It's more like 300 feet.