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Rinse and Repeat

This route is located in the Southern Region at Chica Bonita Wall

Cold Hard Bitch

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The Dude Abides 5.11c (Sport) ***

First Ascent: Don McGlone, John in 2006
Length: 65ft
Bolts: 7 (report bad bolts/anchors)

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Just right of Rinse and Repeat is this sport line. Climb to a ledge then continue up a pocketed wall to the chains.
Descent: anchors
Stays Dry:
Owner: RRGCC
pumpy (1) slopey (1)
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3.11 stars (55 votes)
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5.11c (70 votes)

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Submitted by: Lil Josh
Date: Apr 22nd, 2013

Submitted by: Roger
Date: Jun 1st, 2012

Submitted by: krabikrabi
Date: May 1st, 2007

Submitted by: SCIN
Date: Jan 29th, 2007


Don McGlone said on January 29th, 2007
Just finished it. 7 bolts and ring anchors. John Ed Aragon and I bolted it 01/06. Charlie belayed me on it 01/27. Maybe easy 11, but I'm not really sure.
RRO said on January 29th, 2007
got it fixed man. he does abide
caribe said on February 24th, 2007
This one is destined to be a classic line, on par with something like, "Frankly my dear I don't give a damn." I has a hard start and right around the second layer where the cake gets really chocolaty the climbing gets a little trickier than 11a. There is a nice fossil on the mantle half way up. Looks like a prehistoric cousin of bamboo.
anticlmber said on March 15th, 2007
don't be a wanker. get on this!! bouldery and sure to make you go whoa!!
RRO said on March 15th, 2007
really fun, different for the red
ray said on March 19th, 2007
Excellent line. Make sure to grab every hold just right. Deceptively pumpy.
pigsteak said on April 30th, 2007
kille line...killer...nice job, mr. dude abides.
Meadows said on April 30th, 2007
11a??!! My ass! Sweet line - good job, don and fred.
Anonymous said on June 6th, 2008
fyi-beta from FA indicates a mantel to ledge tending right, though staying left for the handle at the edge of ledge is common-with clipping position compromised....
Don McGlone said on November 7th, 2008
Last time I was up there, the first bolt was pulled sideways from being lowered because of the right angling nature of the route. It should be OK if it were to be tightened down. If anyone is up there with a wrench, check it out. Otherwise, I'll fix it the next time I'm up there.
512OW said on April 27th, 2009
Deceptively good. Nice change of pace. 11b?
Sco Bro said on June 8th, 2009
This thing beat me up time and again. Once I had all the beta it felt much easier than the other times I whipped around on it. All curse’s and praise to Don.
der uber said on August 10th, 2009
Tricky bottom - sequency, releif after the ledge. Interesting and challenging.
jaydenn said on April 19th, 2012
Bad line. Spinners everywhere. Mega-poor bolt placement. Skip it for sure.
Willy said on October 22nd, 2012
Second what the last guy said. Spinning bolts that aren't in line with climbing in a lot of places. Anchors need chains. This thing is a cruel joke even at 11c and I got on it thinking it was 11a
Rollo said on April 7th, 2013
this thing continues to be the cruel joke of Chica Bonita as evidenced by the latest guide book still calling it 11a! poor out-of-towners...
Anonymous said on April 22nd, 2013
weird (not bad, necessarily, just weird). hard.
Anonymous said on May 11th, 2014
Bolt placement seemed fine to me. I was able to tighten down spinner at bolt 2, but not 3. Spinner at anchor also was tightened down. I got suckered into some undercling holds and a bad sequence. Once I sorted that out, it was pretty straight forward. 11b/c is fine.
Anonymous said on May 11th, 2014
Oh, and put a steel biner directional on this just below the ledge. Hope that it stays...
[email protected] said on May 18th, 2015
THIS IS A SICK JOKE OF AN 11A Havnt climbed a 10D yet i havnt onsighted...and this route destroyed me just started breaking into the 11 scene, i had led four 11a's and one 11b (with fairly good success) before attempting "the Dude Abides", i was drawn to this route by the cool name, pleasing aesthetics, and being marked as an 11a in the guide book. Never climbed an 11C before but i got destroyed on this route. Tip, if you are stuggling towards bottom of route try turning the sloper pockets into underclings!
Toy said on June 16th, 2015
Calamites fossil?
Anonymous said on June 16th, 2015
Probably stigmaria.. Don McGlone
Spagel said on March 26th, 2017
11a is a cruel cruel joke guide book! This thing felt like 11d at least! Brutal but fun.