Ankle Brute

This route is located in the Southern Region at Curbside

Single Finger Salute

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The Second Labor of Hercules 5.10c (Sport) *

First Ascent: Josh Thurston, Ron Bateman in 2006
Length: 50ft
Bolts: 7 (report bad bolts/anchors)

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The next two lines are located just left of the corner of the main Curbside wall. This is the line on the left and takes on the featured wall using pinches and underclings.
Descent: Chains
Stays Dry:
Owner: RRGCC

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2.24 stars (46 votes)
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5.10c (41 votes)

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Submitted by: krabikrabi
Date: May 1st, 2007

Submitted by: redpointron
Date: Jan 30th, 2007


goodguy said on February 1st, 2007
This route is closer to 11a than 10b. Whoever is voting must have been on the juice when they climbed it!
SCIN said on February 1st, 2007
It was me. Michelle thought the same grade. We must have both been on the juice that day.
redpointron said on February 1st, 2007
i want some of that juice--when the "total sandbagger" tells you its 3 letter grades harder, it must be good stuff you guys got. haha. how can you care too much about the grade, though...look at that hoosier heights hot shot, jordan, in the picture. ME-OW.
Anonymous said on October 24th, 2007
The first labor should have been to brush this thing.
redpointron said on October 24th, 2007
your first labor should be to log in when you comment. stand behind what you have to say big fella.
Anonymous said on October 24th, 2007
redpointron, what are you all worked up about? Do you think that this thing is good and clean? Great! Nice work! I just saw that it got 3 stars in the new guide, climbed it, and thought that it could have used some more work. Please don't take it personally. I'm sure that u have all kinds of skilz and shit. I'm sure that you are a better climber than me. I'm sure that you have put in more and better routes than I. I'm also sure that you could kick my ass because I was brash enough to anonymously criticize your awesome route and I am a weak beginner climber. I think that some routes need more cleaning than others and that not every inch of stone needs to be bolted just so that we can have yet another "classic beginner route". Here is the problem with routes like this. In a rush to fill the area with routes so that the crowds can be more evenly dispersed, routes like this get done. Maybe you spent an entire afternoon brushing it and snapping holds off. You didn't spend enough time pal. This thing wasn't fun. It sucked. If you wanna kick my ass, I'll be at Hoosier Heights on Thursday night. I am 5'2, weigh 106 lbs and will be wearing a red sports bra and white lace tights.
redpointron said on October 24th, 2007
that's incredible. i was planning on going to hoosier heights on thursday too. but now i can't because i was going to wear my red sports bra and white lace tights.
Yasmeen said on October 24th, 2007
Don't worry, Ron. When you start bolting 5.10 routes that are as classic as POCKET PUSSY and BREAKFAST BURRITO, you'll start getting props. Until then, revel in these page-long diatribes about how routes these days suck.
Anonymous said on October 24th, 2007
Yeah don't worry Ron. When you one day get a clue you might get props (pffft). There are stacks of killer new routes Yas, this thing just isn't one of em. Now go blow sunshine up someone else's ass.
goodguy said on October 24th, 2007
geeze Ron, I can't believe you would be so aggressive as to pick a fight with a woman on the board. You should stop giving so much of your free time and stop posting and picking fights.
redpointron said on October 24th, 2007
"someone"...i will no longer argue with you about this...i made a simple two-sentence comment that you shouldn't stand behind your anonymity which led to your diatribe about everything from not cleaning the route sufficiently to my supposed skills. i, then, tried to lighten the mood by making a joke. and so did yasmeen (referring back to some comments made to her long ago). i find it hard to believe that you can glean that i have NO clue through my 5 innocuous sentences, but stranger things have happened. have fun climbing thursday at hoosier heights, i probably can't make it, though. it's a shame cause we could sit down, talk and maybe learn a little from each other.
pigsteak said on October 24th, 2007
Log in, or shut up. You crtitique is welcome, but only when you own it.
Anonymous said on October 24th, 2007
blow me
pigsteak said on October 24th, 2007
we are dealing with a genius here folks.... dude or dudette....I actually agree with you that many/most of the routes at Curbside are average/mediocre or just plain suck. I even bolted some of them. See my comments elsewhere on Curbside in general. The only thing that the folks who do the hard work ask is that you identify yourself when posting. Their names are out their for your critique..seems to me owning your comments is the only way to be taken seriously. if you prefer to stay anonymous, then climb a route, tell your friends how bad it sucks, and move on. These same guys have bolted many lines I am sure you will love. And when the time comes, you should also let them know your pleasure as well as your disdain. Not putting in sweat equity and then dogging those who do is just low class. That's all. And if you do put in your share of work at making the red a great place, tehn my apologies.
Yasmeen said on October 26th, 2007
Nobody is anonymous on the Internet. In other news, Curbside is the best crag at the Red and this is one of the best 5.10s *anywhere*! Way to go, Ron, Josh, and Kipp! BOHCTSA!
bcombs said on October 26th, 2007
Crazy to me how much banter this wall has generated! The 10's, conscription, and wildfire are really pretty good. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. Anyway, I agree with Yasmeen, this wall is the coolest!
pigsteak said on November 26th, 2007
finally climbed this today.....fellas, it sucks. the chossy rock for the feet, while pulling the roof is yuk, yuk, yuk....good moves one bad rock, that's all. now, yasmeen, can I please get credit for an FA on this?
Brentucky said on August 4th, 2008
i thought hardest of the three 10's. be sure and save a little right arm juice for the anchor clip or else you'll be taking a fun ride. i was about 3 seconds away from one, and yes that means i only clipped one anchor f u very much. :-)
steep4me said on April 20th, 2009
Sandy pile with no hope of cleaning up--would not repeat.
pkananen said on September 8th, 2009
I would recommend not doing this route. Fortunately, someone left a nice biner to bail off of when you get sick of pulling down sand and crusty edges on your belayer.
calvinivlac said on April 27th, 2010
Wasn't that bad. Wasn't that great either. A bit too sandy to really clean.
dirtdog said on May 23rd, 2011
Fun Route, also thought it was the harder of the 3 tens.
dustonian said on July 26th, 2011
steaming sandpile... or maybe it's just the humidity talking
Spikeddem said on November 21st, 2013
For me, this route ended up being defined by the sand more than the movement.
Smiles said on September 28th, 2015
Found this hard- but I was tired. Roof is easy but it gets harder after the roof. Wasn't dirty when I did it but I did bust a hold off... sorry, I'll try and lose weight.