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This route is located in the Southern Region at Drive-By Crag

The Nothing

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Absolute Zero 5.13b (Sport) ****

First Ascent: Ethan Pringle in 2010
Length: 80ft
Bolts: 8 (report bad bolts/anchors)

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Begin by climbing Spank then trend right when you reach the first ledge. From the ledge, make a scary clip then smack right to reach your friend for the next few bolts, Mr. Fat Flake. Dig and squeeze while slapping for chalk spots. You won't be alone if you pull up a stick clip at this point. Wire the bottom of The Nothing now and you can do the route the way Dave Hume intended it to be done.
Moves: Bouldery
Descent: Chain anchors
Stays Dry: Stays dry
Owner: RRGCC

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4 stars (2 votes)
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5.13c (3 votes)

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Sorry, no pictures to be had. {want to add a photo?}


Andrew said on October 28th, 2010
Anonymous said on November 5th, 2010
Pretty sure Pringle decided to rename this thing to "Absolute Zero"
mike_doyle said on November 5th, 2010
A super addition to the cliff. The upper climbing of 'The Nothing' is spectacular and a little exciting :).
dustonian said on November 10th, 2010
kinda liked "Tikka Masala" more
Anonymous said on November 18th, 2010
Ya just what we needed... A link up. Go back to boulder and take your link ups and score cards with you!
chosen1 said on November 19th, 2010
Take your pansy-ass anonymous comments off this board with you
Anonymous said on November 20th, 2010
wicked soft
512OW said on November 20th, 2010
Not to point out the obvious... but.... it's sport climbing. Random lines of bolts up random spots on a wall. Linkups seem to be a part of it, and this one has the coolest moves at the cliff.
schwagpad said on November 21st, 2010
I was not contacted before my two routes were defiled. I'll probably chop this over christmas, and put up my own linkup beginning in the Nothing crack and traversing left. This is the ethically proper way to rap bolt this crag.
512OW said on November 22nd, 2010
This actually gets me way more psyched for "The Nothing". It just sat and gathered cobwebs, but I bet it gets way more traffic now that the top is accessible.
Anonymous said on November 24th, 2010
did it get renamed for the ammount of stars this thing will get? Absoulutely zero?
tbwilsonky said on November 24th, 2010
aw snap. i love how the internet offers children a place to show off their analytic skills.
dustonian said on October 27th, 2011
Thank gawd we have Das KRÜ to avenge the obvious ethical trespasses which Dave has suffered!!!