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This route is located in the Gray's Branch Region at Military Wall


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The Legend 5.13b (Sport) *****

First Ascent: Dave Hume in 1998
Length: 90ft
Bolts: 8 (report bad bolts/anchors)

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This route is located about 10 feet to the left of Mule. Begin matched on two crimps then fire out boulder problems for the first few bolts. Continue up easier face to the anchors.
Moves: Bouldery or Technical
Descent: Cold shuts
Stays Dry:
Owner: NFS
stout (1) slopey (1) beautiful (1) technical (1) short (1) bouldery (1)
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4.53 stars (19 votes)
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5.13b (18 votes)

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Submitted by: ray
Date: Dec 18th, 2005


Anonymous said on September 7th, 2003
i saw some blonde headed foolio get on this route and failed miserably and he got really pissed and said the route was the worst route he has ever got on
Anonymous said on September 7th, 2003
i think that was a comment made out of frustration birthed by an over competitive spirit.
Spoonman said on April 19th, 2004
Anonymous said on May 27th, 2004
who added new anchors?
peterbonamici said on June 17th, 2004
gorgeous route, looks really good, i hope to get that someday
Anonymous said on August 2nd, 2004
your a gay faggot peter bonermici
peterbonamici said on August 5th, 2004
whoever the fuck you are just fuck off, the first time about the chronic you were right, but i dont see the problem with thinking a route looks cool. And if you think im gay because I like the way a route looks then theres something wrong with you. Why dont you stop criticizing everything i do and just fuck off.
Acer said on August 7th, 2004
These user comments are so helpful.
Anonymous said on March 25th, 2005
I just like the route
Anonymous said on April 4th, 2005
routes freakin' rad, ignore the first set of anchors, awesome climbing to be done above there
Anonymous said on April 4th, 2005
sent to the first anchors but i still dont want to count it. goin back to do the top
Anonymous said on June 4th, 2005
no, you cant count it to the first set (jeff lemkuhell)
Anonymous said on June 4th, 2005
Anonymous said on September 15th, 2005
ya i sent it, what about it?
pigsteak said on April 23rd, 2006
so will the bottom ever be dry?
Anonymous said on June 21st, 2006
the earth is melting
Anonymous said on August 20th, 2006
Some turd burgler blow torched the route when it first began to seep last year 05. It seeps a little every year but I think the blow torching may have seriously hurt this route. Apparently there's another way to start. But really how cool is it compared to the original start?
Anonymous said on November 8th, 2006
easy, prob 5.9
bigrocs said on May 18th, 2009
The upper lip on the start hold broke on me. I will lay off the icecream. This does not change things much.
young'n climber said on May 22nd, 2009
The clipping hold for the second bolt broke, the second right hand flake. A sad day indeed
Corona said on May 27th, 2009
Phenomenal route. Props to the equipper! Wasn't seeping, didn't notice broken holds, so mustn't change the grade at all (though clipping the second bolt felt a little desperate for me, I must admit), and I enjoyed the moves all the way up to the very top. Mind the hornets. ;-)
der uber said on June 3rd, 2009
So, is there anything left of that flake around the 2nd bolt?
der uber said on September 4th, 2010
That broken hold definitely changes the beta and forces a neat series of moves off underclings. the climbing to the second anchor is pretty casual and totally worth doing for the last 10 feet that pull the lip tot he anchors.
pumpout2004 said on November 13th, 2017
I'm so glad the new (ish), dry, right entrance exists. This route is just bafflingly good from the second bolt up. Too good to be blocked from climbing by two permanently wet/broken holds. Newly added to my top 5 list.
Anonymous said on February 12th, 2018
I know climbers break out right at the start because of the broken, seeping holds, but then cut back left. I also hear people go further right and straight up, avoiding the hardest moves all together. I hear this sequence drops the grade to 12c/d. Kinda a bummer. Misses a rad sequence.
Anonymous said on February 13th, 2018
no one cares what you heard shit apple
Anonymous said on February 14th, 2018
Obviously you cared enough. "Shit apple"? Kinda surprised a 10 year old is posting on this page.
Anonymous said on February 14th, 2018
i'll bite and add my two cents: Unless this right version somehow stays right all the way around the sloper section after bolt 2, I don't see how this route could ever get a 5.12 grade. Seems like the new right variation, which still seems fairly difficult, comes right back into the original climbing around the 2nd.
Anonymous said on February 14th, 2018
I have seen climbers cut out right at the start, which is now the normal beta. Though, instead of heading back left on crimps to the second bolt, which is already stick clipped, they continue straight up, skipping the iron undercling, sidepull, sloper section (crux). They head back left at about the third clip. I could see this being substantially easier.
Anonymous said on February 15th, 2018
lol who cares. ondra is redpointing 15d and flashing 15a. the legend is the new rat stew, you just haven't realized it yet.
Anonymous said on February 17th, 2018
Yeah, you are right. The Legend is the new rat stew. It is a great warm up at military. Also, a great first lead for beginners. If the route isn't 5.15, it is not even worth commenting on.
Anonymous said on February 17th, 2018
Sounds like something a shit apple would say...
Anonymous said on February 17th, 2018
Sure, The Legend is worth commenting on. But who cares how ppl are climbing it? Or whether they're climbing it in the way you think they should? Wouldn't you make fun of gumbies arguing about beta on Rat Stew?
Anonymous said on November 19th, 2018
This route no longer resembles the climbing and reputation of “The Legend”. Realistically 12d for the current chosen beta. If you’re ever curious as to how it climbed pre-break, the crux ( first 2 moves) is unaltered. Give it a shot and see if both variations warrant the same grade.
JR said on November 20th, 2018
Rename it "defying laws of tradition"
grantmason said on March 24th, 2019
All the bolts on this are starting to get a little rusty. Could be a good contender for a rebolt. Especially considering how popular it is for the grade... In addition, I think the first couple bolts should get moved a little to the right. Or at least add a working bolt. Seems like everyone climbs to the right anyway, and it’s pretty annoying to work out the moves/ pull back on to the wall with their current placement.
Anonymous said on April 2nd, 2019
Or you could quit being a bitch and just climb the route like it was intended to be climbed.
bbllaakke said on April 13th, 2019
Comparable to Tie One On with the new beta that stays right. Legend has easier moves, but is more continuous.