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Lightning Zap (Project)

This route is located in the Miller Fork at Secret Garden

Hippie Lip Balm

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Stinky Johnny 5.11a (Sport) ***

First Ascent: Dustin Stephens, Scott Curran in 2014
Length: 65ft
Bolts: 6 (report bad bolts/anchors)

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This technical, sustained face climb begins on a boulder left Hippie Lip Balm.
Moves: Balancy
Descent: Bolt anchors
Stays Dry: Does not stay dry
Owner: RRGCC
vertical (1) technical (1)
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3.64 stars (14 votes)
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5.11b (9 votes)

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Anonymous said on August 8th, 2014
Funky movement and cool features on this one, definitely recommended.
Spikeddem said on May 25th, 2015
I think the bolt above the hueco rest needs to be put a little higher--people who are 6' 4" can still hang the draw from a good stance... :p Fun route though
Chiyram said on May 25th, 2015
Cool route, fun boulder problems. Pretty stout for 11a though. Especially if "So What?" is 11b and is easier than this route.
mbrunell said on May 27th, 2015
I agree with Spikeddem. being under 6' gave hanging the draw an extra 'pucker' factor. a couple holds broke on me and it still needs a little more traffic to clean it up. overall I thought it was really fun. felt pretty hard for 11a for me.
bcircell said on October 12th, 2015
Super enjoyable. Just the right amount of spice. Highly recommended.
amarius said on November 16th, 2016
Can't believe this gets only 3 stars, the pucker factor should be at least +1. One less foot near the anchors now
J-Ru said on October 2nd, 2017
This is a very good route. It requires some creativity. There is more than one crux which will have you thinking that there are no holds. I attempted and retreated back to a stance 4 or 5 times before committing. Good stuff!
caribe said on April 24th, 2019
Nice job on this one Boyz! <3 Climb this route! The big hug leaks water pretty liberally. A frog leaped out of it and sailed with appendages spread out. We were able to avoid the super wet parts though.
caribe said on April 24th, 2019
There has to be a continuous gunky canal from the jug to a puddle at the top of the cliff for the frog to jump out of the jug. :-)