Knockout Mouse

This route is located in the Miller Fork at The Laboratory

Test Tube

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Re-Animator 5.11b (Sport) ***

First Ascent: Rachel Stewart, Shadow Ayala in 2014
Length: 80ft
Bolts: 7 (report bad bolts/anchors)

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The bolted line left of the large rockhouse and wide crack. Begin right of an orange and black flake on a line of pockets which fade, along with the flake, after a small roof. Step back and forth as needed to stem the crack to the right as you discern a series of shallow dishes and the occasional jug. A medium sized cam may settle the nerves from the last bolt to the chains.
Moves: Balancy
Descent: unknown
Stays Dry: Light rain
Owner: RRGCC

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Quality Consensus

3.38 stars (16 votes)
Grade Consensus
5.11b (12 votes)

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Submitted by: shadow.ayala
Date: Sep 5th, 2014

Submitted by: shadow.ayala
Date: Sep 5th, 2014


Anonymous said on September 5th, 2014
is this the bolted crack that doesn't take gear?
Anonymous said on September 6th, 2014
I thought the Wheatleys were the only ones who could bolt cracks?
shadow.ayala said on September 7th, 2014
Look @the photo moron. It doesn't climb the crack.
J-Ru said on September 7th, 2014
AnonyMOUSE haters gonna hate. It looks sweet to me.
Anonymous said on September 7th, 2014
so when you stem there's no crack in the dihedral?
dustonian said on September 7th, 2014
Dumbest comment thread ever. Go back to your animal and kiddy porn, anonymous
Anonymous said on September 7th, 2014
dusty, don't get your fluff in a huff. it's an honest question, why does that bother you so much? i've got more, why NOT climb the crack? how far is the "route" from the crack? how lame was Shadow's squeezing a lame 12a between Breakfast and Brimstone? i'll take your word for it on dumbest comment thread ever because you've been in every one since you arrived at this site.
dustonian said on September 7th, 2014
If you're so genuinely curious go climb the route and stop wanking it online
Anonymous said on September 7th, 2014
but this is a site for wankers and wanking!!
Anonymous said on September 7th, 2014
well if it isn't the dumbest it's the most ironic, dustonian telling someone to quit wanking it online? This place used to be kind of cool until you and that toolbag ian showed up. Dude, you're the wankinest blow hard that ever spooged on this site, Maybe, take your own advice and take him with you , the donkey show forum could probably use a couple of bored know it alls with so much free advice to disseminate
Spikeddem said on September 8th, 2014
I honestly thought all these comments were going to be about how neat the route looks. Guys, be a bit more constructive! Smugness might feel nice, but the environment and atmosphere it creates is unnecessarily negative. Sheeeeeesh.
Anonymous said on September 8th, 2014
Hey spike, suck my dick while I'm fing dat ass.
Anonymous said on September 8th, 2014
I can't stand that god damn Arthur and his logical arguments. I am here to talk shit about people and be a dick!!!! Spot on about Dustin and Ian though.
Chiyram said on September 14th, 2014
Stupid ass threads like this are why I stay of this website and rarely bother to post anything to the point of the forum...
dustonian said on October 12th, 2014
Oops this is the sport line with the cool top out. It could also use some hardware at the anchor. Pretty burl for 11a.
Rx2Climb said on October 13th, 2014 This is already the name of a route at Torrent. Should it be renamed? They did add a hyphen.
Ascentionist said on October 13th, 2014
Ah, developers without the requisite local cultural knowledge! Not the first time this has happened.
ray said on October 14th, 2014
He is aware. This is the correct spelling of the title of the movie though. The Torrent route is not (although was probably meant to be and I misspelled it).
Anonymous said on February 12th, 2015
This is a great route! Almost feels like you are cheating by stemming, but it keeps the grade at 11a-ish. While the view from the anchors is great, the last 15 feet of run out and dirty (but easy) climbing made getting there not so fun. Regardless, worth doing. Thanks Shaddow!
ray said on March 17th, 2015
Medium sized cam protects the run from the last bolt to the chains.
Jeff said on May 21st, 2015
From the ground, wasn't sure how this could be 11a. It's got a roof move and how in the world do you stem that corner? Loved this route Shadow, super fun! Didn't notice the run at the top as the holds are huge, but wouldn't want to see anyone fall up there. Cringe.
Chiyram said on May 21st, 2015
What is a medium sized cam?
dustonian said on December 7th, 2015
Anchor still needs chain and links, mega rope twister at present if you don't rap