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Where's the Beef?

This route is located in the Southern Region at Bob Marley Crag

Beta-vul Pipeline

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Enjoy the Process 5.12a (Sport) ***

First Ascent: Sako Omiya in 2018
Length: 55ft
Bolts: 5 (report bad bolts/anchors)

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10 feet right of "Where's the Beef?" Start from a large flat stone, climb steep fun jugs, then continue straight up the face to the anchor. Equipped by Ken Saitoh.
Moves: Jugs
Descent: Chains
Stays Dry: Stays dry
Owner: RRGCC

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3.67 stars (12 votes)
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5.12a (8 votes)

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Submitted by: Anonymous
Date: Mar 30th, 2018


Anonymous said on March 31st, 2018
Independent start but shared finish with adjacent routes?
Anonymous said on March 31st, 2018
wow... tacky addition
whoneedsfeet said on March 31st, 2018
It's the same... but different.
Anonymous said on April 1st, 2018
This looks like a total squeeze job turd.
Anonymous said on April 1st, 2018
Kenichi is a really nice guy, but this seems like maybe not the best idea imo.
Anonymous said on April 1st, 2018
Yes, he is a great guy... but wish he had sought some opinions before bolting it.
Anonymous said on April 2nd, 2018
uh oh, grid bolted cave is now grid bolted.
DrRockso said on April 14th, 2018
Always looked like their was a line there. Stays independent of the other lines for the most part, look forward to hopping on it when it opens. Hopefully the developer is willing to upgrade the bolts to glue-ins in a few years when the Marley Salt rock eats through them.
Kens said on December 17th, 2018
It’s now open. Route name : Enjoy the Process FA : Sako Omiya Grade : 5.12a Comment: 10 feet right from “Where’s the Beef?”. Start from large flat stone, climb steep fun jugs then continue straight up face to the anchor. Completely independent route from the others.
Anonymous said on December 17th, 2018
and hopefully the last route you bolt!
Anonymous said on December 17th, 2018
Good...Good....Let the hate FLOW through you.
Yasmeen said on January 7th, 2019
Thanks for the new route, Kenichi! We went to Bob Marley this weekend to check out the new cave route and had a great time on it! Fun, steep moves, and stays independent of its neighbors as long as you go straight up at the top.
wsimek said on February 15th, 2019
There is no reason to have a permadraw on the third bolt and then not have one on the roof bolt.
Anonymous said on February 16th, 2019
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. A maintenance team member has been sent out to correct the issue. Please accept a complimentary voucher for a go fuck yourself latte as humble compensation.
wsimek said on February 17th, 2019
I don't remember mentioning any inconvenience. Hanging draws on a measly 12a is far from that, but I didn't want soft people like you to have something to blame their lack of sending for. Don't worry though, I left a draw on the roof bolt for you to grab right after you get my latte and shove it up your ass.
Anonymous said on February 17th, 2019
SHOTS, uhhh... SPRAYED...?
Anonymous said on February 17th, 2019
HOLY shit, look at the size of your dick! Thank you for leaving your mank for us humble plebs.
Anonymous said on February 17th, 2019
Probably better to leave nothing rather than Mank aluminum with nylon dogbomes. It’s also not the developers responsibility to equip a route for you. Either clean it, or get some steel permas. I’ll get you a good price if you want to contribute. Send me a message. Ian
wsimek said on February 17th, 2019 Check the last comment, that is all I intended to suggest. If you'd rather continue to attack me from behind your wall of anonymity instead of engaging in conversation to better the situation, go for it.
Anonymous said on February 17th, 2019
it can obviously go on gear. why is this choss even bolted?
whoneedsfeet said on February 25th, 2019
worth climbing if you have some free time.