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Closed Project

This route is located in the Southern Region at South Park

Blame Canada

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Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride 5.12c (Sport) ***

First Ascent: Scott Curran in 2019
Length: 80ft
Bolts: 11 (report bad bolts/anchors)

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This route is an excellent pumpfest with a low crux and some long moves on steep rock. With this one, the key is just finding the right pace to keep the pump in check. Bring a full 60m rope and make sure to tie a knot in the end. Start on the obvious cheater pile.
Moves: unknown
Descent: Chains
Stays Dry: Downpour
Owner: Private
stout (1) shady (1) long (1) beautiful (1) steep (1) pockets (1) juggy (1)
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4.29 stars (7 votes)
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5.12c (3 votes)

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Submitted by: Cromper
Date: Mar 2nd, 2020

Submitted by: Cromper
Date: Feb 11th, 2020

Submitted by: climb2core
Date: Feb 11th, 2020


inwardj said on February 11th, 2020
Anonymous said on July 12th, 2020
The bolt at the broken crimp rail up top should get moved down so you can clip from the big crimps. Not only would it be easier to clip, but you wouldn’t get tied up in the rope making the next move. If that shit was fixed this would be one of the more Agro, rad 5.12c in the red. I wanna take nasty on Big gay al’s boat ride! Love, Rat-baby
Anonymous said on July 13th, 2020
I am offended by the route name. Homosexuality isn't a joke, it is a reality. Please change the name.
Anonymous said on July 13th, 2020
Nice to know your offended by a title of a show that encouraged tolerance of homosexuality. Out magazine, one of the most widely circulated gay and lesbian publication in the United States, listed Big Gay Al among the most influential individuals in the gay and lesbian community in 1998. Go fuck yourself you worthless fucking nazi
climb2core said on July 13th, 2020
You do realize you’re being trolled, don’t you?
Anonymous said on July 13th, 2020
Not much irony, humor, nuance, or intelligence on this site these days haha
Cromper said on July 14th, 2020
I don’t care if this or any other names stay or go.
Anonymous said on July 27th, 2020
I’ll have to go back and climb this again when the heat index isn’t near 100 degrees, but this thing feels like a 12c bench mark. It’d give any 12d on the undertow a run for its money. I saw Scott’s vid of it this morning. The look on the dudes face just above the second bolt, yep, pretty right on. You’ll have it too. And the epic up high wondering why you cant clip from what appear to be jugs. I had to get psyched just to crank up to slam that thank god hand jam!
Anonymous said on November 17th, 2020
My partner broke a high left foot on the low crux yesterday (about the size of a loaf of bread) Heel hook beta for the win now! Rad route!