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Factor 2 Presents

This route is located in the Eastern Gorge Region at Eastern Sky Bridge Ridge

Shelter From the Storm

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Drop the Anchor 5.8+ (Sport) **

First Ascent: Tracy Crabtree, Neal Strickland in 1993
Length: 60ft
Bolts: 5 (report bad bolts/anchors)

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This bolted line is located to the right of Dave the Dude and around a corner in a gray face with huecos.
Use long quickdraws on the anchors to toprope.
Descent: Cold shuts
Stays Dry:
Owner: NFS

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2.89 stars (83 votes)
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5.8+ (68 votes)

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Submitted by: Raiden
Date: Dec 11th, 2020


Green3 said on November 8th, 2004
Scary 5.8 for sure, possible bad falls on almost every bolt
pigsteak said on October 31st, 2005
don't waste your time on this.
krampus said on December 26th, 2006
Scary 5.8, I loved it
Dhaulagiri said on May 29th, 2007
Actually thought this route was pretty interesting and not all that bad
john e aragon said on June 19th, 2007
Interesting moves. Fall potential is not as bad as it looks. I watch my lame wade friend take whips all over this thing and he somehow never got hurt.
Anonymous said on June 20th, 2007
calvinivlac said on August 24th, 2007
Weird moves on this one for sure, at least for the first few bolts. Then climbs like a ladder!
JR said on August 25th, 2007
That sure is a wierd looking ladder. A wrap around your head ladder I guess.
michaelarmand said on October 22nd, 2007
Fun enough route...felt like a 5.9....
Josephine said on November 11th, 2007
it's 5.8 if your partner hangs the draws for you. it was a fun lead for me, but i could see how it could be a bit scary. use a long draw on the last bolt. in hind site would be good for a stick clip as well.
Cleveland said on May 27th, 2008
Awesome route and the climbing up top is cool, especially the move to the anchors.
Myke Dronez said on July 6th, 2008
We need more 8's like this
possum2082 said on August 11th, 2008
5.8+ ??? maybe w/ out the start (no tree) and without the final roof. btw: the anchors are a little shady. 2 hangers with a skinny chain connecting them and 2 quicklinks in the middle. it hasn't been traveled in a bit as evidence from all the junk on it. i'm going to try to get up there in a month, cut the chain and put two thicker quicklinks on each hanger. let me know if someone else is going to do it first.
Myke Dronez said on August 13th, 2008
Possum, thats what the damn + is for.. when are gonna quit crying about all the spinners and "shady anchors" that displease you? Those speeding cars are what you need to be looking out for-
possum2082 said on August 14th, 2008
5.8+ it makes sense!
Brentucky said on September 22nd, 2008
the + strikes again! :-) fun 5.8!
FujManiac said on November 26th, 2008
I have no desire to ever climb this route again. It made me work harder and more scared than the harder sport routes at this wall.
mpittdawg said on June 1st, 2009
underrated route. This is a lot of fun! How can you not love the tufas at the top?
rjackson said on July 2nd, 2009
Better than expected. I wouldn't recommend this for the new leader, but the seasoned climber should enjoy it. Be sure to look right and check out the big arch (Sky Bridge?) when at the anchors.
randomboulder said on October 11th, 2010
I thought the route was pretty fun. Interesting crux move then easy stemming to the top with a big jug roof before the anchors.
Smiles said on October 24th, 2016
What a great route. 5.8+ seems exactly right, but there aren't many 8's in the Gorge with such interesting movement. It's a great warm up route and if you're an 8 climber thinking to move on a bit practice on this! Interesting crux down low that turns out to be easy once you find the key. Falls seemed safe to me. Loved it.