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The Man Behind the Curtain

This route is located in the Natural Bridge Region at Lady Slipper - Emerald City

Whiteout Direct

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Whiteout 5.8 (Trad) ****

First Ascent: John Bronaugh, Ron Snider in 1984
Length: 100ft
Gear: (report bad anchors)

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This route is located about 100 feet left of Friable near the main arete of the wall where No Place Like Home begins. Climb up easy ground via a left-facing flake and belay. Continue up the handcrack in a dihedral and move left onto the face when the crack fades out.
Descent: Rap anchors-60m rope required
Stays Dry:
Owner: NFS
beautiful (3) fun (2) exposed (1) hands (1) classic (1) steep (1) juggy (1) long (1) adventerous (1)
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4.23 stars (84 votes)
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5.8 (61 votes)

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Submitted by: heath
Date: Nov 12th, 2021

Submitted by: Dman
Date: Mar 6th, 2009

Submitted by: Michiza
Date: Oct 17th, 2006

Submitted by: ray
Date: Dec 18th, 2005


Wes said on January 21st, 2003
You can link whiteout direct and whiteout into one 120 foot mixed route @ 5.8. Two ropes will get you down in one rap.
Yasmeen said on April 14th, 2003
(I didn't place the gear so call it a pinkpoint or whatever you want)
Gothmog said on May 27th, 2003
One of my favorite RRG multi-pitch routes!
Anonymous said on September 21st, 2004
White Out is awsome, do it fall in late afternoon and you can get awsome view of the sun falling at the gorge
Anonymous said on September 21st, 2004
White Out is awsome, do it fall in late afternoon and you can get awsome view of the sun falling at the gorge
Snowpuppy said on December 6th, 2004
Cool route and very fun. Had an excellant view of the sun rising.
quicksilver said on March 8th, 2006
One of my favorite routes in the Red. A lot harder when the temps. hit 80 plus.
Snowpuppy said on August 28th, 2006
I free soloed it.
randomboulder said on October 24th, 2006
Great view from the top with the fall colors near its peak. Surprisingly good holds inside the crack as well as the face.
leahanne33 said on March 21st, 2007
Really fun route with a great view at the end.
dbarless said on October 17th, 2007
Fantastic line!!! Quality crack with great movement, protects well. The view from the top is hard to beat. Can rap to the ground with a 70m rope.
RValentine09 said on October 16th, 2008
Just out of curiousity, does anyone know if this tops out if you were to move up and left of the anchors? I was curious but not interested enough to actually try it last time I was up there. I did however find that a 60m rope just barely gets you to the ground. You need every inch of that rope stretch though so make sure you tie those knots in each end.
ahab said on October 27th, 2008
the route is ok. the view? superb.
Dman said on February 9th, 2009
best 8 so far the veiw is amazing if into the purple valley gets 4 stars this needs 5 for sure classic in my book
dustonian said on January 19th, 2010
Whiteout Direct + Whiteout in 1 pitch = 5-star warmup! You can even get down with a single 70... the right finish to the 2nd pitch (up the thin crack instead of the jugs out right) is cruxy and very classic, too bad the anchors are so far to the left!
rjackson said on September 12th, 2011
Big fun, no matter how you do it!
epitaph said on August 20th, 2012
I would like to say thanks to whoever placed the quick links on the 1st pitch rap hangers. The rap hangers are arranged in a way that pulling the rope through them results in a fierce rope twist.
Anonymous said on November 28th, 2012
There were no quicklinks on either set of anchors when I climbed it yesterday, 11/24/12
EricDorsey said on December 28th, 2013
New glue in anchors with huge quicklinks at both sets of anchors, thanks to whoever replaced them... Much nicer than the old set up.
Anonymous said on March 24th, 2015
this route is unreal! the exposure and movement is really cool! fun to hears cars honking at you! clayton
KhaoticKlimber said on June 17th, 2019
Dare I say it, better than Roadside Attraction?
Anonymous said on July 22nd, 2019
The shitty bolts, tat, and tree anchor on the right hand variation has been updated to 2 bomber glue ins. Please leave the tree free of tat and descend via the bolted anchor. You can reach the ground with a single 70m rope, a 60 would probably come up a bit short.
KhaoticKlimber said on March 11th, 2020
Everyone please, I beg of you. When rapping from the top, USE STOPPER KNOTS! Last summer, I got into a rush on this route and chose to forgo safety. One end of my rope wadded itself up on the ledge at the first fixed anchors where the bolted pitch ends. I foolishly planned to rap down to the ledge, secure myself to the anchors, then throw the rest to the ground. It was something I had done before, as foolish and inadvisable as it is. I never even made it to the ledge before the short end pulled itself up and slipped through my ATC. Had I chosen to tie a stopper knot, disaster would have been prevented. Instead, I tumbled the entire 50 feet or so down, was knocked unconscious, and severely injured all four limbs, leaving me crippled for over two months with several fractures in both feet. For awhile, my right hand was the only limb I could bare weight on, but it was significantly weak from the massive fracture in my right scapula. My left wrist was broken so badly, the doctors told me they would've had to amputate it had it been any worse. So please, DO NOT repeat my negligence. Use stopper knots on every single rappel, and never convince yourself to descend until both ends are confirmed on the ground!
Anonymous said on March 11th, 2020
good message. maybe post somewhere where more people will see it? post to FB RRG group? seems to be a lot of noobs there who would benefit from first hand advice.
KhaoticKlimber said on March 11th, 2020
Great idea!
MikeWilkinson said on March 12th, 2020
Khaotic, consider submitting your report to the AAC for their annual accidents in mountaineering as well. Sorry to hear about your accident, I hope your recovery is going OK. Was the rope not pulled to its middle before you rapped?
KhaoticKlimber said on March 12th, 2020
Mike, I pulled quite a bit of length through to where I guessed the middle to be, as the middle mark has worn out. The top anchor was two chains connected by a single quicklink, so I believe that super small surface area for the rope contributed to it pulling upward. I have given a full report to the regional editor of the AAC. It should be published soon. The recovery is coming along a lot better than I thought. Thank you! I've actually returned to climbing and I'm slowly building my strength back up.
DrRockso said on March 15th, 2020
What do you mean by "the super small surface area for the rope contributed to it pulling upward?" It's a half inch quicklink which is quite adequate. Good to hear you are recovering well.
heath said on October 29th, 2021
Climbed the face/arete to the left of the Whiteout Dihedral on 10/19/21. Felt 5.10- PG13. An attentive belay is needed to keep you off of the ledge if you blow it on the crux move. It takes decent gear with a crucial blue TCU after the crux. Has anyone else climbed this before? Calling it "Black Out".
heath said on November 13th, 2021
The topo photo is of “Blackout”. May need to be deleted so it’s not confused as Whiteout. Thought I would be able to add a caption. I’m a moron.