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Circa Man

This route is located in the Natural Bridge Region at Lady Slipper - Global Village

Down By Law

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Out For Justice 5.11c (Sport) ****

First Ascent: Porter Jarrard, Frank Waters in 1992
Length: 65ft
Bolts: 8 (report bad bolts/anchors)

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This bolted line begins on overhanging pockets 25 feet right of Circa Man.
Moves: Crimps or Edges
Descent: Cold shuts
Stays Dry:
Owner: NFS
crimpy (1) stout (1) sharp (1) pumpy (1) technical (1) fun (1) vertical (1)
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Quality Consensus

4.42 stars (31 votes)
Grade Consensus
5.11c (27 votes)

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Submitted by: Jeff
Date: Jun 2nd, 2013

Submitted by: Jeff
Date: Jun 2nd, 2013

Submitted by: ray
Date: Dec 19th, 2005


Anonymous said on March 3rd, 2005
this thing is way harder than 11.b
Roentgen Ray said on May 17th, 2005
Great edging. More difficult and more interesting, start to finish, than the one move wonder Disappearer.
jlu said on October 31st, 2005
Very fun climb, way better than 3 stars. Great start followed by very tricky and technical moves sustained all the way to the anchors. The crimp you need is always right there where it should be... you're heart will be racing by the end!
512OW said on June 1st, 2006
Pumpy. Good stuff. You'll be thanking whoever went before you if they leave chalk.....
Wes said on November 19th, 2006
Killer line. Basically an easier version of soul ram.
jjhellstrom1 said on October 1st, 2007
Awesome line, but the anchors are shot.. Both bolts are rusted and severly spinning. I normally rap down, but thought it better to leave a leaver on the last bolt for a back up and lower. The first and I believe the 5th bolt are spinning as well.
pawilkes said on October 15th, 2007
thought this route was great but it could use new anchors, i would recommend rapping off rather than lowering for your ropes sake. chalked holds help tremedously, i blew it when i couldn't find the next hold. it does seem a bit harder than .11b but not much.
RRO said on November 26th, 2007
needs rebolted and we will get to it soon. very fun route with cool moves all the way. i have a feeling if it got a lot of traffic it would get a little harder.
pawilkes said on March 3rd, 2008
the last two holds were wet but i managed to get to the anchors. the rest of the route was bone dry but if there is water dripping from the big tree at the top, the last couple holds could very well be wet. super fun route though
der uber said on July 20th, 2008
Have to say it felt stiff for 11b. The comments about chalked holds are sooo true. I blew at the end, only to find that I was just inches to the left of a nice clipping hold for the anchors. Good, thin, technical movement.
Anonymous said on September 7th, 2011
fun hidden crimps that chains were little rusty and wiggle ..anyone else thing that
tpowell said on November 19th, 2012
I was going to hop this over the weekend, but the anchors appear to be shot. Two guys who got on it said that one of the anchors is spinning and the screw/bolt to the other anchor is loose. From the sounds of it, the anchors need to be replaced ASAP. I didn't see it for myself, but I wasn't going to get on it after that.
Jeff said on June 2nd, 2013
Replaced the anchors with glue ins. Old cold shuts really weren't that bad, probably could've just tightened the nuts. Anyhow, haven't been up here in awhile, but thanks to whoever (Patrick?) has been doing all the work updating with glue ins on all these old classics! Great work that is highly appreciated :)
Jeff said on June 2nd, 2013
Sorry. That middle pic is whack.
dustonian said on June 2nd, 2013
Thanks Jeff! This one was high on the list... believe the lead bolts are still the originals. Big thanks go to Jeff Kayse, Brad Combs & Yasmeen for the help out there.
Jeff said on June 4th, 2013
Bolts are in good shape, it's been rebolted at some point. Get on this for a great 11c.
pigsteak said on June 4th, 2013
nice job mr have the perseverance of Job...or Lee;)
Jeff said on June 5th, 2013
Job doesn't have the perseverance of Lee. If I didn't get it that last go, I was giving up!
Willy said on December 28th, 2013
Perfect face climbing after a steep start. Crimp problems with jugs in between the whole way. Evil finish
DrRockso said on September 9th, 2017
Excellent. Could use an update on the old wedge bolts
Anonymous said on December 8th, 2018
Buenos Dias mis amigos americanos!!! It is your friend, Stephon! From the southern aspect of Spain!!! Remember me? Oh how I have miss you so! Regard me. Josune and I travel from Spain last week to climb with you wonderful people, no? YES! Haha!! But all the sectors were empty, no? YES! Haha! Emptier than a Hillary Clinton rally, no?????? YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hear in Espana that tickets to her and Cigar-man’s America Tour are cheaper than two shower tokens from that pizza place, no???YYYYYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Stephon loves you all! HAVE A WONDERUL DAY, America!!! Let climb, friends. Let climb.
Jackiefreesh said on December 8th, 2018
Haha, Stephon. Maybe I will look you up if I make it back to El Chorro. I've always liked that "southern aspect" of Spain. For now you will have to wait for me to finish my cardio rehab work and that may be a while. You'll just have to console yourself by going to a few francophile revivals.
njclimber said on October 7th, 2020
This route really needs a rebolt to bring back to classic status. 3rd bolt is nice and rusty and if it goes you'll be hitting the deck. The anchor chains are quite rusted too. I appreciate the rebolting I've seen at this cliff and this one begs for the same treatment!