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Pork and Bondage

This route is located in the Natural Bridge Region at Torrent Falls - LIMITED ACCESS

Sex Show

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Pocket Pussy 5.10d (Sport) ***

First Ascent: Unknown
Length: 50ft
Bolts: 6 (report bad bolts/anchors)

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This is the left-angling bolted line 20 feet right of Del Boy. Climb the steep face then step out left to a small ledge. Continue up through more vertical terrain to the anchors.
Moves: Pockets
Descent: Cold shuts
Stays Dry: Stays dry
Owner: Torrent Falls

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3.28 stars (54 votes)
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5.10d (43 votes)

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Submitted by: climb2core
Date: Feb 9th, 2011


dj_ax said on June 5th, 2004
This route is actually called "Revealed" FA is by Nick Cocciolone. (Mark prefers this route name also)
young'n climber said on August 15th, 2004
Too bad
anticlmber said on December 25th, 2004
13a if you grab the wrong holds 10d if you get the right ones
Anonymous said on February 20th, 2005
sweet comment anticlmber, ur an idiot
Sketch said on July 11th, 2006
This is a super sweet route, one of my favorite 5.10d's in the red.
randomboulder said on October 9th, 2006
Lots of fun. I felt this route was easier than Stool Sample. Nice no hands rest after pulling through the overhanging section.
Anonymous said on July 10th, 2007
Yasmeen said on July 10th, 2007
Blast! Now all the spam bots are going to know the secret skeleton key code to posting comments in the comments section!
Anonymous said on July 11th, 2007
Hi! My name is Sexalicious! Wanna see my webcam?
Anonymous said on January 19th, 2016
Anonymous said on January 19th, 2016
No thanks Ian, you might send this route if you took your hand out of your "pocket"
Anonymous said on June 23rd, 2016
This route is very intimidating when you look at it online but when you actually get there it is okay. I sprained my ankle hiking up to it though:( but still had the courage to push on through. Funny how it is named Pocket Pussy, reminds me of Pocket Pussy World lol
Anonymous said on June 23rd, 2016
hiking to it? It's a 3 minute walk pussy. stay in the gym pussy
Anonymous said on June 23rd, 2016
Comment 13 from "anonymous pussy gym hater" definitely originates from a gaping pussy on the order of juicy over-processed arby's roast beef lips and a gargantuan slit that begs the question on each insertion by anonymous comment 11 "are you in yet?"
Anonymous said on June 24th, 2016
Nice try Ian, borderline comical. More free advice for you, stay out of Arby's that shit will kill you and if you aren't blind yet, might wanna give that hand and your "imagination" a rest minute.
wsimek said on October 26th, 2018
2nd bolt is loose/spinning; it did not tighten down with a hand wrench