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The Reacharound

This route is located in the Southern Region at The Motherlode

Buff the Wood

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Stain 5.12c (Sport) *****

First Ascent: Chris Snyder in 1994
Length: 50ft
Bolts: 6 (report bad bolts/anchors)

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This route begins 15 feet and around the corner to the right of The Reacharound. Boulder the start to a jug for the exciting third clip then head straight up through some pockets. Head left on pockets then straight up through pockets, edges and slopers. Save some juice for the last move to the anchors.
Moves: Crimps or Edges
Descent: Cold shuts
Stays Dry: Light rain
Owner: Private

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Quality Consensus

4.8 stars (71 votes)
Grade Consensus
5.12c (57 votes)

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Submitted by: ray
Date: Dec 18th, 2005


Anonymous said on January 7th, 2003
This is one of the best. Hard for the grade.
the lurkist said on February 4th, 2003
belaybag said on October 20th, 2003
12c. one of the best routes
Astroman said on March 5th, 2004
I very rarely support an upgrade, but I too agree- 12c. This was the original rating until Katie onsighted it.
climberdude99 said on August 4th, 2004
great route, it has to be a 12c, its way to hard for a 12b. AWESOME
allah said on February 25th, 2005
12b all the way, dont be a weak whinner
Anonymous said on April 21st, 2005
allah - sounds like you're the only one whinning in this comment section. STFU.
allah said on June 7th, 2005
Go get on a real 12c and then get on this and compare. Gott love how you always post annomously ya chicken fucker
Anonymous said on June 9th, 2005
anyone who posts a comment w/out a name comes up as "someone", you idiot. how do you know it's always the same person?! use that big head of yours for something more than fluffing your ego. i'm sure there's more than one person talking shit back to you on this board.
Anonymous said on June 21st, 2005
actually i think everyone is talking shit back to you on this board, apart from yourself that is
Anonymous said on June 24th, 2005
what's an actual 12c?
automated said on July 21st, 2005
AHAHAHAHA. you jerks are feckin' funny.
Anonymous said on June 3rd, 2006
allah, you're a fucking wanker. All I see is you downgrading shit. Compared to routes like Resurection, Heart Shaped Box, Herd Mentality, Blue Eyed Honkey Jesus (all of which I've done, btw), Stain is definately solid at 5.12c. IMO I think Buff the Wood is a hard 5.12b, but that doesn't mean that Stain is soft. Go out and send some hard shit, dont talk shit on forums. Peace. - Gabor Szekely
allah said on June 4th, 2006
You must not know who i am!!!!!!! Cause i am your god and will strike you down with one flick of a finger
Anonymous said on June 6th, 2006
I am allah, and I created the heavens and the earth, and it is my playground, and I will talk all the shit I want to. So there!
chouca said on November 3rd, 2006
great climbing with many cool moves. A definite must! For me the crux was the move to the jug below the anchors.
italianwrestler125 said on October 28th, 2008
really really fun. core shot rope on the second draw 10/4/08, there was a really bad groove in it. replaced the draw 10/4/08. others seem ok.
Lil Josh said on July 24th, 2009
I also thought the move to the jug was the crux. Amazing movement the entire way. Awesome route.
Patb said on May 12th, 2017
Fixed draws sharp, the first of which core shot rope. pulled all on 5/11/17. Retrieve your tat at miguels. Ask for Tina.
DrRockso said on May 12th, 2017
Thanks for removing them, two coreshot ropes on this route now. Leave your fucking garbage off popular routes, if you can't hang and clean your own draws on a slightly overhanging route then don't climb it.
Anonymous said on May 12th, 2017
You tell em! Rockso for best crag cop 2017!
Anonymous said on February 22nd, 2021
Man, what a classic. I can't imagine the joy of finding and FA'ing such a gem must have felt like. Like finding a bar of pure gold!
Anonymous said on February 24th, 2021
Yes, a great line. World level classic status.