This route is located in the Southern Region at The Motherlode

8 Ball

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Cut Throat 5.13b (Sport) *****

First Ascent: Jeff Moll in 1995
Length: 70ft
Bolts: 8 (report bad bolts/anchors)

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This route moves up through crimps on steep rock a few feet right of Thanatopsis. Begin by grabbing a jug about six feet up then make a big move to a ledge. Reach right to the business, then crank out a tough boulder problem to clip the 3rd bolt. The line continues through sustained and relentless moves to the anchors.
Moves: Bouldery or Technical
Descent: Cold shuts
Stays Dry: Downpour
Owner: Private
pumpy (1) crimpy (1) bouldery (1) classic (1)
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5 stars (14 votes)
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5.13b (15 votes)

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davetieri said on April 3rd, 2004
pretty hard for 13b
Anonymous said on June 23rd, 2004
hell yeah it's hard for .13b!!!! glad someone agrees.
Anonymous said on August 24th, 2004
it is 13b, not any harder than that
Anonymous said on October 13th, 2004
shut up, bitch. if i think it's harder, then i'll say so. snap tizzil!!!!
allah said on March 5th, 2005
thing is totally 13a guys come on you week asses, if this route was out west at any respectable cliff it would totally be 13a, and I know all the Euros think it is a jug hual, grow up and get stronger
Anonymous said on April 7th, 2005
shut up homo. i DO live out west and if it were out here it would be .13c - FUCK OFF.
allah said on April 18th, 2005
ur weak than
Anonymous said on April 19th, 2005
THAN? than what? your faggot-ass? such a dork....
allah said on April 19th, 2005
U crack me up. Grow up, train and get stronger then you might be able to do Cut Throat.
Anonymous said on April 19th, 2005
I LIVE OUT WEST. besides, did i ever say i HAVEN'T done it already???????? it's usually a good idea to post opinions on things you've sent instead of talking shit.......don't you agree?? so, again - IMO - 5.13c peace
allah said on April 19th, 2005
Anonymous said on April 24th, 2005
Horatio Felacio said on April 29th, 2005
west-coast climbers are weak bitches. of course it would be .13c out west you sack of dogshit.
Anonymous said on May 3rd, 2005
allah said on May 4th, 2005
Thats why west coast climbers are scared to climb at the red, they are afraid of getting there asses kicked on somthing "easier". THEY JUST ALL SCARED!
Anonymous said on May 6th, 2005
just caught up reading all of this banter - one word for you pussies - RIFLE. we'll see who's scared. we love coming to the red and onsighting all of those supposed 5.13's - gotta love bucket hauling!!!!!!!!! wankers.
allah said on May 11th, 2005
Gotta love how you just contridicted your self. Cut throat you are up grading and then everything else you down grade? You must be talking about all the 13s on the Undertow, cause those are jug hauls and nothing on that was is 13. I hvae some routes for you to come on-sight. You on-sight them Ill give you mad props but dont, then you will be some looser that likes to talk shit. You should come and get on one of my open projects that I bolted, If you can do all the moves ill buy your pizza that night, and all the moves have been done by one of the local climbers and sections have been linked. so Mr. srongman, if you or anyone from Rifle wants to take me up on this little challenge let me know Im all game.
Anonymous said on May 11th, 2005
fuck that - rain, bugs, humidity, can have all the east coast choss for yourself dude - enjoy it. the whole big fish/small pond syndrom, eh?? ha! next time i'm there for some reason or another, i'll take you up on the offer though - honestly your new area does look pretty sick. peaz.
allah said on May 12th, 2005
ur right the humidity does suck, but if you can do laps on 5.13 in the summer then think of what you can do the rest of the year when you dont have to actually grab holds. But yes i am looking forward to the next time you come to the Red. You just let me know aight. Done here, peace
Anonymous said on May 17th, 2005
let's rain, no bugs, no humidity, no rednecks...hmmm...what's your excuse for being some shit-spraying ass clown that can't climb 5.13b? just stay out at rifle and suck each other off every time you find a new no-hands kneebar with your double kneepads.
Anonymous said on May 20th, 2005
your mom, bitch.
Anonymous said on June 15th, 2005
I can't believe I just spent five minutes of my pathetic, meaningless, life reading this. I'm going to kill myself. I'll put my kneepads on first of course.
Anonymous said on July 18th, 2005
i think ill just send the route
Anonymous said on July 29th, 2005
don't bother. it's a fucking jug haul pile.
Anonymous said on August 18th, 2005
regardless of its grade its one bad ass route
Anonymous said on November 1st, 2005
Nowhere in the country is it easier to onsight than the Red. Just pull.
Anonymous said on December 23rd, 2005
yo allah, do you have to come from rifle to take you up on that offer? can it be on TR? pizza sounds awefully good. lol
allah said on February 8th, 2006
The offer is still on the table for anyone that wants to take it. You just have to let me knwo when you or anyone else will be around so I can laugh when you make a fool of your self LOL :)
Anonymous said on February 16th, 2006
yo allah-if you are only bolting these routes to have other ppl "make fools of themselves" then that's pretty lame. why do you think ppl are going to want to get on your lines when you shoot down their ability before they even get on them? i mean, im pretty sure you're bolting them for some other reason, honestly, but i mean, come on man. whatever, purgatory has some sweet routes and yes, i am willing to get on a route and get my ass kicked. hey, it could be fun.
allah said on February 24th, 2006
who ever you are if you knew me u would know it is all in good fun. Everyone laughs at me all the time, so what who cares. if someone gets on the route I would be over joyed and try my best to help out with finding the best beta possible. climbing is all about having a good time and joking around with everyone and making fools of yourselves. So if you ever want to go have a good laugh with us back there let me know it could be a lot of fun.
Anonymous said on March 12th, 2006
hey allah-you sound like a reasonable person. i respect that. sure ill get on your routes again next time im down there, they do kick ass, as in my ass. but so what?
Anonymous said on March 17th, 2006
if you're cute maybe we can be boyfriends too...
Horatio Felacio said on May 10th, 2006
i'm cute as a dog with two dicks! maybe we can hold each others pee pees and play boinky boinky in our heineys! he hee heee!
Anonymous said on June 3rd, 2006
allah, whats your deal man. I agree with you that there's no way this route is 5.13c, but 5.13a? Compare it to 40 oz. or Snooker, and then see what you think. I think it feels easy if you're a strong boulderer since the crux is right off the bat, but IMO the crux is at least V6, or V7. Do you find moves that hard on other 5.13a's? Again, I have sent this route, and most other 5.13a's at the 'load, so I'm basing all this off of experience. Peace. - Gabor Szekely
allah said on June 4th, 2006
Im going to spray i have done everything but 4 of the routes at the lode BTW
pigsteak said on June 9th, 2006
I am going to spray. I did your mother.
allah said on June 12th, 2006
if you pay for sex than you have more than likely had my mother piggy, she is like slappy sloppers on a fat arete
pigsteak said on June 12th, 2006
ray said on March 6th, 2008
This route taught me that you don't always have to shake out to keep on cranking. I've never climbed a line where you need to move so fast and before you know it it's over. I love it i love it i love it.
Anonymous said on November 8th, 2008
Compared to the other routes I've done, this route feels more like a 13c rather then 13b.
512OW said on April 29th, 2010
Solid for the grade, but no harder. REALLY fun moves, really solid holds. One of the best at the grade in the Red.
der uber said on March 14th, 2011
Tough crux problem down low, gradually lets up as you continue. The movement of the line is very cool.