COVID-19 Climbing Closures: The Red River Gorge in the Daniel Boone National Forest, Muir Valley, and all RRGCC-owned property - which includes Miller Fork Recreational Preserve, Bald Rock Recreational Preserve, and Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve - are closed. Please stay home and stay safe. See links above for more details about each climbing area.

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tag :: pinches
Spray Tag Count Route Name Wall Name Region Name Type Grade Length Picture
2 Rocket Dog The Motherlode Southern Region Sport 5.12b 50ft
1 Dirty Smelly Hippie Drive-By Crag Southern Region Sport 5.13b 90ft
1 Mr. P. The Chocolate Factory Southern Region Sport 5.10b 60ft  
1 Knees and Toes Drive-By Crag Southern Region Sport 5.12b 90ft  
1 Spank Drive-By Crag Southern Region Sport 5.13a 70ft
1 Sabertooth Land Before Time Wall Muir Valley Sport 5.10c 55ft
1 Tanduay Time The Boneyard Muir Valley Sport 5.10d 60ft
1 She Rolls Gangster Style Chaos Miller Fork Sport 5.12b 70ft
1 The Stallion Ivory Tower Muir Valley Sport 5.12b 80ft
1 The G-Man The Shire Southern Region Sport 5.10c 40ft
1 Relaxed Atmosphere Left Flank Gray's Branch Region Sport 5.11c 60ft
1 Super Pinch Solar Collector and Gold Coast Southern Region Sport 5.10d 50ft
1 Crown of Thorns The Bright Side Southern Region Sport 5.11c 70ft
1 Burlier's Bane The Motherlode Southern Region Sport 5.12a 60ft