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tag :: runout
Spray Tag Count Route Name Wall Name Region Name Type Grade Length Picture
2 Central Scrutinizer Pebble Beach Lower Gorge Region Mixed 5.9 50ft
1 Buckeye Testpiece Wall of Denial Upper Gorge Region Trad 5.6 50ft
1 Southern Satisfaction The Nursery Miller Fork Sport 5.10b 50ft
1 Tar Baby The Bear's Den Southern Region Sport 5.9+ 40ft
1 Meteor Maker Half Moon Eastern Gorge Region Mixed 5.10a 120ft
1 Big Sinkin' Breakdown Drive-By Crag Southern Region Sport 5.11c 85ft  
1 Hellava Caucasian Chica Bonita Wall Southern Region Sport 5.12a 0ft  
1 Highway Turtle Solar Collector and Gold Coast Southern Region Sport 5.11d 0ft
1 Grunge Face Eastern Sky Bridge Ridge Eastern Gorge Region Sport 5.12a 70ft  
1 Bottle Shock Vine Wall Miller Fork Sport 5.11d 40ft
1 Caver's Route Tower Rock Middle Gorge Region Trad 5.3 150ft
1 Gumby Unicorn Left Flank Gray's Branch Region Trad 5.1 30ft