the crushing sends of Panarie

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Jun 1, 2005
Most Recent Send
Jun 1, 2005
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Most frequented wall:
Bruisebrothers Wall
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Route Wall Grade Quality Type Tries Lead Length Points Date Sent FAs Picture
A-BeanoBruisebrothers Wall5.7
SportUnkTR25ft0Jun 1, 05
All Cows Eat GrassRoadside Crag - LIMITED ACCESS5.8
SportUnkTR80ft0Jun 1, 05
BoltergeistHideout, The5.10a
SportUnkTR100ft15Jun 1, 05
C Sharp or B FlatRoadside Crag - LIMITED ACCESS5.7
SportUnkTR60ft0Jun 1, 05
CH4Bruisebrothers Wall5.8-
SportUnkTR25ft0Jun 1, 05
Face Up To That AreteIndy Wall5.8
SportUnkTR35ft0Jun 1, 05
Glory and ConsequenceGreat Wall5.7
SportUnkTR50ft0Jun 1, 05
International Route Of PancakesHideout, The5.8-
SportUnkTR35ft0Jun 1, 05
La EscaladaGreat Wall5.6
SportUnkTR70ft0Jun 1, 05
Ledgends of LimoniteGreat Wall5.8
SportUnkTR55ft0Jun 1, 05
Ledger LineRoadside Crag - LIMITED ACCESS5.7
SportUnkTR0ft0Jun 1, 05
Send Me On My WayBruisebrothers Wall5.9-
SportUnkTR75ft4Jun 1, 05
The OfferingBruisebrothers Wall5.7
SportUnkTR45ft0Jun 1, 05
Valor Over DiscretionRoadside Crag - LIMITED ACCESS5.8
SportUnkTR50ft0Jun 1, 05