COVID-19 Climbing Guidelines: The Red River Gorge in the Daniel Boone National Forest, Muir Valley, and all RRGCC-owned property - which includes Miller Fork Recreational Preserve, Bald Rock Recreational Preserve, and Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve - request that you follow the guidelines outlined on each website if you choose to climb during this time. See links above for more details about each climbing area.


the crushing sends of cephas

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Oldest Send
Aug 1, 2005
Most Recent Send
Jun 2, 2006
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Most frequented wall:
Bruisebrothers Wall
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Route Wall Grade Quality Type Tries Lead Length Points Date Sent FAs Picture
A-BeanoBruisebrothers Wall5.7
SportUnkLead25ft0Aug 12, 05
Acrophobiacs AnonymousPractice Wall5.4
SportUnkLead25ft0Aug 10, 05
Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin NiPractice Wall5.7
SportUnkLead20ft0Aug 10, 05
American CrackFortress Wall5.4
TradUnkTR60ft0Nov 15, 05
CH4Bruisebrothers Wall5.8-
SportUnkLead25ft0Aug 1, 05
Critters on the CliffBruisebrothers Wall5.10d
SportUnkLead75ft35May 25, 06
Don't Take Yer Guns to TownBruisebrothers Wall5.10c
SportUnkLead50ft30Aug 1, 05
Dream Of A BeeTorrent Falls - LIMITED ACCESS5.8
SportUnkLead45ft0May 26, 06
Flutterby BlueBruisebrothers Wall5.9
SportUnkLead40ft10May 25, 06
Hey There, Fancy PantsBruisebrothers Wall5.10c
SportUnkLead55ft30Apr 14, 06
Little ViperBruisebrothers Wall5.10b
SportUnkLead50ft25Apr 14, 06
Mercenary of the Mandarin ChickenPractice Wall5.9
SportUnkLead25ft10Aug 10, 05
Plate TectonicsTectonic Wall and Johnny's Wall5.10a
SportUnkLead65ft20May 26, 06
Put the Best Foot ForwardBruisebrothers Wall5.8-
MixedUnkTR55ft0May 25, 06
Rat StewBruisebrothers Wall5.10a
SportUnkLead75ft20Apr 14, 06
Redeye BrewBruisebrothers Wall5.8
SportUnkLead45ft0Apr 14, 06
Route 48Fortress Wall5.5
TradUnkTR60ft0Nov 15, 05
Send Me On My WayBruisebrothers Wall5.9-
SportUnkLead75ft9Apr 14, 06
The OfferingBruisebrothers Wall5.7
SportUnkLead45ft0Aug 10, 05
Workin' for the WeekendBruisebrothers Wall5.10c
SportUnkLead70ft30Jun 2, 06
Yu Stin Ki PuPractice Wall5.5
SportUnkLead20ft0Aug 10, 05