the crushing sends of eroktix

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Sep 7, 2005
Most Recent Send
Sep 17, 2005
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Most frequented wall:
Military Wall
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Route Wall Grade Quality Type Tries Lead Length Points Date Sent FAs Picture
Check Your GripDrive-By Crag5.12a
SportUnkLead80ft60Sep 7, 05
Fuzzy UnderclingMilitary Wall5.11b
SportUnkLead60ft45Sep 17, 05
Glory BeFunk Rock City5.12a
SportUnkLead80ft60Sep 7, 05
Gung HoMilitary Wall5.12b
SportUnkLead60ft65Sep 17, 05
Herd MentalitySolar Collector and Gold Coast5.12c
SportUnkLead70ft70Sep 17, 05
Magnum OpusSolarium5.12a
SportUnkLead90ft60Sep 7, 05
Manifest DestinySolarium5.11d
SportUnkLead70ft55Sep 7, 05
Orange JuiceFunk Rock City5.12c
SportUnkLead95ft70Sep 7, 05
Tissue TigerMilitary Wall5.12b
SportUnkLead60ft65Sep 17, 05