the crushing sends of sportclimber810

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Jul 29, 2007
Most Recent Send
Nov 22, 2007
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Route Wall Grade Quality Type Tries Lead Length Points Date Sent FAs Picture
Acrophobiacs AnonymousPractice Wall5.4
Sport1Lead25ft0Nov 22, 07
Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin NiPractice Wall5.7
SportUnkTR20ft0Nov 22, 07
C Sharp or B FlatRoadside Crag - LIMITED ACCESS5.7
SportUnkTR60ft0Nov 20, 07
La EscaladaGreat Wall5.6
Sport1Lead70ft0Nov 22, 07
Low ExposurePractice Wall5.9
SportUnkTR25ft0Nov 22, 07
Mercenary of the Mandarin ChickenPractice Wall5.9
SportUnkTR25ft5Nov 22, 07
Please Don't Feed the TriceratopsPistol Ridge5.7
Sport1Lead35ft0Jul 29, 07
ShawtyPractice Wall5.8
SportUnkTR20ft0Nov 22, 07
SlabalitoPractice Wall5.7
SportUnkTR20ft0Nov 20, 07
Yu Stin Ki PuPractice Wall5.5
SportUnkTR20ft0Nov 22, 07