the crushing sends of norris

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Oct 17, 2008
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Oct 17, 2008
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Most frequented wall:
Tectonic Wall and Johnny's Wall
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Route Wall Grade Quality Type Tries Lead Length Points Date Sent FAs Picture
2 Chicken ButtsTectonic Wall and Johnny's Wall5.9
SportUnkLead45ft10Oct 17, 08
59" DrillBitchTectonic Wall and Johnny's Wall5.10a
SportUnkLead45ft20Oct 17, 08
American CrackFortress Wall5.4
Trad1Lead60ft0Oct 17, 08
Bedtime for BonzoFortress Wall5.6
Trad1Lead100ft0Oct 17, 08
BethelTectonic Wall and Johnny's Wall5.10a
Sport1Lead50ft20Oct 17, 08
Chainsaw MassacreMotherlode, The5.12a
SportUnkTR60ft55Oct 17, 08
Climbing with CrowbarsTectonic Wall and Johnny's Wall5.7
TradUnkLead50ft0Oct 17, 08
Creature FeaturePhantasia5.9+
SportUnkLead60ft15Oct 17, 08
Fuzzy UnderclingMilitary Wall5.11b
SportUnkTR60ft40Oct 17, 08
MoonbeamMilitary Wall5.9
SportUnkLead50ft10Oct 17, 08
Party TimeFortress Wall5.7
Trad1Lead140ft0Oct 17, 08
SpinnerTectonic Wall and Johnny's Wall5.10a
SportUnkLead50ft20Oct 17, 08
SunshineMilitary Wall5.9+
SportUnkLead50ft15Oct 17, 08
Thanks HollyTectonic Wall and Johnny's Wall5.8
SportUnkLead45ft0Oct 17, 08