the crushing sends of kzr640

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Apr 11, 2010
Most Recent Send
May 21, 2010
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Most frequented wall:
Military Wall
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Route Wall Grade Quality Type Tries Lead Length Points Date Sent FAs Picture
Adventures of the Leper NurseWhat About Bob Wall5.9
Trad1Lead50ft11Apr 11, 10
Another Doug Reed RouteMilitary Wall5.10c
Sport1Lead60ft30May 21, 10
AutumnLong Wall5.9-
Trad1Lead80ft10Apr 18, 10
Days of ThunderRival Wall5.9
Sport1Lead60ft10Apr 11, 10
Delayed GratificationRival Wall5.10c
Sport1Lead80ft30Apr 11, 10
Fuzzy UnderclingMilitary Wall5.11b
Sport1TR60ft40May 21, 10
In the LightMilitary Wall5.10c
Sport1Lead55ft30May 21, 10
MoonbeamMilitary Wall5.9
Sport1Lead50ft10May 21, 10
NEPA ThisLong Wall5.8-
Trad1Lead90ft0Apr 18, 10
No Sleep Till CamptonWhat About Bob Wall5.10b
Sport1Lead80ft25Apr 11, 10
Rock WarsLong Wall5.10a
Trad1Lead80ft21Apr 18, 10