the crushing sends of cinciclimber2

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Oldest Send
Feb 12, 2011
Most Recent Send
Feb 18, 2012
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Most frequented wall:
Solar Collector and Gold Coast
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Route Wall Grade Quality Type Tries Lead Length Points Date Sent FAs Picture
A Brief History of ClimbGallery, The5.10b
Sport1Lead75ft30May 13, 11
Air-Ride EquippedSolarium5.11a
Sport1Lead70ft40Sep 4, 11
BethelTectonic Wall and Johnny's Wall5.10a
Sport1Lead50ft20Feb 12, 11
Broken Chicken WingSolar Collector and Gold Coast5.9+
Trad1Lead60ft16Feb 18, 12
Creature FeaturePhantasia5.9+
Sport1Lead60ft15May 20, 11
Cruisin' for a Bruisin'Hideout, The5.10d
Sport3Lead60ft35Nov 6, 11
Gettin' Lucky In KentuckyTectonic Wall and Johnny's Wall5.10b
Sport1Lead60ft25Nov 12, 11
Green HornSolar Collector and Gold Coast5.11a
Sport1Lead55ft40Feb 18, 12
La EscaladaGreat Wall5.6
Sport1Lead70ft0Sep 10, 11
Lord of the FliesPhantasia5.9
Sport1Lead40ft10Apr 16, 11
Mary Pop-ParazziChica Bonita Wall5.5
Sport1Lead25ft0Nov 5, 11
Moots MadnessHideout, The5.10a
Sport1Lead40ft20Nov 6, 11
Mr. BungleLeft Flank5.8+
Sport1Lead60ft8Nov 1, 11
Plate TectonicsTectonic Wall and Johnny's Wall5.10a
Sport2Lead65ft20Nov 12, 11
Pogue EthicsPhantasia5.10b
Sport2Lead80ft25Feb 18, 12
Rat StewBruisebrothers Wall5.10a
Sport1Lead75ft20Nov 12, 11
To Defy the Laws of TraditionLeft Flank5.10a
Sport2Lead60ft20Sep 2, 11
YakuzaSolar Collector and Gold Coast5.9
Trad1Lead90ft11Feb 18, 12