the crushing sends of c-foot

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Jul 30, 2011
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Oct 2, 2011
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Route Wall Grade Quality Type Tries Lead Length Points Date Sent FAs Picture
27 Years of ClimbingGallery, The5.8
Sport1Lead65ft0Jul 30, 11
A Brief History of ClimbGallery, The5.10b
Sport1TR75ft25Jul 30, 11
DaVinci's Left EarGallery, The5.10b
Sport1TR60ft20Jul 30, 11
Diamond in the RoughLady Slipper - Emerald City5.10c
SportUnkLead80ft30Oct 2, 11
Gettin' Lucky In KentuckyTectonic Wall and Johnny's Wall5.10b
SportUnkLead60ft25Sep 30, 11
Make a WishDrive-By Crag5.10b
Sport1Lead75ft30Jul 30, 11
Plate TectonicsTectonic Wall and Johnny's Wall5.10a
SportUnkLead65ft20Sep 30, 11
Ruby SlippersLady Slipper - Emerald City5.11a
SportUnkLead70ft40Oct 2, 11
STDCourtesy Wall5.10a
Sport1TR70ft15Jul 30, 11
The King Lives On...Gallery, The5.10b
Sport1TR70ft20Jul 30, 11
ThrillbilliesSlab City5.10b
SportUnkLead90ft25Sep 30, 11
Waterfall BalletShawnee Shelter5.10a
Sport1Lead50ft20Sep 30, 11