the crushing sends of Bobby_Engelman

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Oldest Send
Jul 7, 2018
Most Recent Send
Aug 4, 2018
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Most frequented wall:
Drive-By Crag
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Route Wall Grade Quality Type Tries Lead Length Points Date Sent FAs Picture
A Brief History of ClimbGallery, The5.10b
Sport1Lead75ft25Jul 7, 18
A.W.O.L.Roadside Crag - LIMITED ACCESS5.10a
Sport1Lead50ft20Aug 4, 18
Air-Ride EquippedSolarium5.11a
Sport2Lead70ft40Jul 14, 18
Breakfast BurritoDrive-By Crag5.10d
Sport1Lead80ft35Jul 15, 18
Dynabolt GoldGreat Wall5.10a
Sport1Lead70ft20Jul 14, 18
Edge-a-SketchGreat Wall5.11a
Sport3Lead70ft40Jul 14, 18
Glory and ConsequenceGreat Wall5.7
Sport1Lead50ft0Jul 14, 18
GuernicaGallery, The5.11a
Sport1Lead65ft40Jul 7, 18
Johnny B. GoodGallery, The5.11a
Sport1Lead85ft40Jul 7, 18
Make a WishDrive-By Crag5.10b
Sport1Lead75ft25Jul 15, 18
Momma CindyGreat Wall5.11a
Sport2Lead70ft40Jul 14, 18
Slick and the 9mmDrive-By Crag5.10b
Sport1Lead0ft25Jul 15, 18
Whip-StockingDrive-By Crag5.11a
Sport1Lead80ft40Jul 15, 18