the crushing sends of philip171

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Oldest Send
Mar 31, 2004
Most Recent Send
Jun 19, 2004
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Most frequented wall:
Roadside Crag - LIMITED ACCESS
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Route Wall Grade Quality Type Tries Lead Length Points Date Sent FAs Picture
C Sharp or B FlatRoadside Crag - LIMITED ACCESS5.7
SportUnkLead60ft0Mar 31, 04
CordeliaTorrent Falls - LIMITED ACCESS5.8
SportUnkLead0ft0May 4, 04
Dream Of A BeeTorrent Falls - LIMITED ACCESS5.8
SportUnkTR45ft0Jun 19, 04
EurekaLady Slipper - Global Village5.6
SportUnkLead85ft0Jun 19, 04
Family ValueTorrent Falls - LIMITED ACCESS5.10d
SportUnkTR80ft30Jun 19, 04
Father and SonLady Slipper - Global Village5.7
TradUnkTR40ft0Jun 19, 04
Jump For JoyRoadside Crag - LIMITED ACCESS5.9+
SportUnkTR50ft10Jun 19, 04
Ledger LineRoadside Crag - LIMITED ACCESS5.7
SportUnkLead0ft0Jun 19, 04
MothaRoadside Crag - LIMITED ACCESS5.6
TradUnkTR50ft0Jun 19, 04
No DozTunnel Wall5.4
TradUnkTR30ft0May 1, 04
You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can't Tuna FishRoadside Crag - LIMITED ACCESS5.10b
SportUnkTR60ft20Jun 19, 04