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The Arsenal

Grade Trad Mixed Sport Total
5.10 2 - 7 9

Directions to The Arsenal

Muir Valley
This wall is in property owned by Muir Valley. Be respectful.
This recently developed cliff features overhanging pocket and edge climbing on spectacular orange rock with more giant huecos. It can be found by following the cliffline left from the Solarium or continue down the emergency access road (left of the Solarium) for ~100 feet until you see an obvious trail on your right that begins as a gravel ramp. Routes are listed from left to right. Please respect project routes.

Wall Sun: All day

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Route Spray Name Type Grade Quality User Stars Length Picture


Quicksilver Trad 5.8
3.17  (6) 70ft  


Sacriledge Sport 5.10d
3.71  (96) 60ft


Bathtub Mary Sport 5.11a
4.52  (141) 70ft


Picador Sport 5.11b
3.74  (57) 55ft


Flesh Wound Sport 5.12a
3.00  (6) 80ft  


Bullfighter Sport 5.12b
4.26  (46) 65ft


Reload Sport 5.12c
4.74  (31) 70ft  


Freakin' Deacon Sport 5.12a
3.37  (19) 65ft  


Chicken Little Loves Abubu Trad 5.9-
1.33  (3) 50ft


pawilkes said on December 3rd, 2005
this place just got opened up and 4 of the 5 routes have three stars? does that seem funny to anyone else.
Anonymous said on December 3rd, 2005
No, it doesn't. Look again: 3 of the 5 routes have 3 stars. Learn to count. And, so what if it does? Don't climb there then if you've got a problem with it. Several of these routes have been up for months and seen many ascents. Wouldn't it make since that the developers would pick the better lines before the crappy ones? What's so funny about that? Are you saying that pigsteak's routes are not worthy of 3 stars? Did you climb them? If you disagree then vote, but enough with the asinine comments.
pawilkes said on December 4th, 2005
you're correct, it is three of five. your points are very logic and no I have not done the routes. i think that in general people are too liberal with three star ratings.
RRO said on December 4th, 2005
I would like to say thanks again to Team Muir for all the hard work and new areas they are providing for us to climb at. 3,2 or 1 stars who cares, its all relative. Type less, climb more !
chriss said on December 8th, 2005
Nice work on the climbs! Great place to go on a cold sunny day. pawilkes maybe you should go and do the climbs before you make such ignorant statements.
dustonian said on June 19th, 2010
New route between Bathtub Mary and Bullfighter: "Picador" (5.11b, 6 bolts w/ fixed draws on anchor and last bolt). Careful clipping the third bolt & use the cleaning draw on the 6th bolt to spare the pine tree... have fun!
dustonian said on January 13th, 2014
Probably not going to reach the people who did it, but to whoever covered the inside of the hueco on Picador and Bathtub Mary with chalk graffiti: super f****ing lame. You should haul a pressure washer up there on this year's Muir Valley trail day and get to work on cleaning up your mess.
crimpandpeel said on January 14th, 2014
what the hell is wrong with these people (climbers), where is the break-down in the teaching system of young and new climber ethics and just how to act outside or on private property in which the owners are very nice to let us play there- I don't understand
whoneedsfeet said on January 14th, 2014
I think it started when parents stopped spanking kids and started putting them in time out.
Anonymous said on January 15th, 2014
My dad beat me, I'm a good kid
JR said on October 19th, 2015
Stays very warm in the fall evenings.
Sandymalone88 said on November 20th, 2017
Did the project on the right side the other day. Only time I've seen it dry. Probably mid 12. I left a steel caribiner on the anchors to lower. Anchors need chain. Next time I'm there I'll bring some. Thanks for the addition Dustin.