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The Crossroads

Grade Trad Mixed Sport Total
5.12 6 1 30 37

Directions to The Crossroads

This wall is in property owned by RRGCC. Be respectful.
From the Junior Williamson Rest Area, drive south (toward Miguel's) on KY 11. You will pass Roadside and Torrent on the way. Turn right on Fixer Rd and make your first left. Take that road for 3.5 miles (making sure not to turn left where the road seems to want to take you) until you see a black oil tank on your left with a face painted on it. Make a right at the oil tank and then take the second right. Drive down a hill and park just to the right of a steep road that branches left. The main parking area is located here near the kiosk for the Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve. From the parking area, walk a few feet past the kiosk to locate the trail marker. Follow the trail down and across a small bridge then along a dirt road for a a short distance. Take the first right on an old oil/logging road. Follow this for around 75 yards then continue left on the road at the fork. Take this to an old oil rig. Behind this the road forks again, take the left fork and follow it around until you can see the cliff. To reach the first routes, look for a trail branching off and uphill on the left. For A1A and the routes right of it remain on the road a bit longer, passing another old oil pump, then head uphill to the cliff.

Wall Sun: Morning to early afternoon

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Route Spray Name Type Grade Quality User Stars Length Picture


N4 Sport 5.10c
2.55  (47) 40ft


Love Potion #9 Sport 5.9
3.02  (66) 65ft


The Country Boy Sport 5.11b
2.93  (28) 65ft


Legalize it Sport 5.12a
3.50  (10) 55ft


Wake and Bake Sport 5.11d
3.55  (20) 55ft


Hippie Speed Ball Sport 5.11d
3.71  (14) 60ft


Cannabis Love Generator Sport 5.11c
3.50  (30) 50ft


Praying Mantis Sport 5.12a
4.00  (2) 55ft  


Evil Eye Sport 5.11d
4.00  (1) 70ft


Happy Feet Sport 5.11c
3.62  (13) 65ft


Signed in Blood Sport 5.12b
4.50  (2) 65ft  


Amish Whoopie Cushion Sport 5.11d
2.20  (5) 0ft


Stomp U Out Sport 5.12c
3.90  (10) 65ft


Hood Luck Sport 5.12a
4.06  (17) 70ft


Fairweather Friend Sport 5.10d
3.97  (67) 80ft


October Sky Sport 5.11c
4.16  (32) 70ft


Foot Jive Sport 5.11d
3.86  (7) 65ft


Whippoorwill Sport 5.11b
3.20  (10) 65ft


Turkey Crossing Trad 5.4
2.72  (25) 45ft


Buckwheats Climb for Stef Trad 5.6
2.00  (18) 40ft


Stefanie Bauer Route Trad 5.7
1.88  (16) 40ft


The Right Bauer Trad 5.8+
2.78  (9) 30ft  


A1A Sport 5.10b
3.50  (54) 50ft


Yell Fire! Sport 5.10d
3.55  (47) 80ft


Severn Bore Sport 5.11c
3.88  (16) 60ft


Red Tag Rape Sport 5.11c
2.43  (7) 80ft


Wrong Turn Trad 5.7
2.86  (21) 50ft


Gremlins-N-Harmony Sport 5.11d
3.00  (2) 55ft  


Banjolero Sport 5.10c
3.62  (113) 65ft


The Rusty Philosopher Trad 5.10a
2.80  (5) 65ft  


Deeznuts Sport 5.8
2.90  (78) 60ft


Jingus Khan Sport 5.12a
3.87  (23) 70ft


Boilerplate Sport 5.8
3.88  (137) 50ft


Spoiler Bait Sport 5.8+
2.33  (12) 45ft


June Bug Sport 5.11d
3.51  (47) 55ft


Swallow the Hollow Sport 5.12a
3.86  (14) 70ft


Crossroads Crack Mixed Grade Unknown
3.50  (2) 100ft


Wes said on November 28th, 2008
This crag has seen some devolpement over the years, but nothing published. There are five bolted lines there, probably from the late 90's, and then some new stuff going up. If you have any info on the older routes, I would love to give them proper names / FA's.
Lander said on December 15th, 2008
we looked at this area last spring. i'm about 95% sure the old climbs were put up by " flyin' " brian mcray back in the late nineties. he was active in the southern region back then. the open cold shuts are a strong clue. does anybody know how to reach brian to find out?
Lander said on December 15th, 2008
we looked at this area last spring. i'm about 95% sure the old climbs were put up by " flyin' " brian mcray back in the late nineties. he was active in the southern region back then. the open cold shuts are a strong clue. does anybody know how to reach brian to find out?
mcrib said on December 15th, 2008
Wes said on December 16th, 2008
Yep, I have heard that Brian is probably the one who put up the routes as well, but no one seemed to know for sure. The rest of the area has seen some work, a couple trimmed rhodos, an old bolt sleeve near the top, etc. But, nothing permanent or published. It is shaping up to be a pretty cool little crag, just needs some more trail work and a few more routes!
Wes said on December 16th, 2008
Just sent Brian an email...
Toy said on December 17th, 2008
Brian was bolting in that whole drainage at the same time/slightly after the Hominy Hole was being developed. He used those open cold-shuts a lot (see crime time, routes to the right of rocket dog, etc.) so most likely they are his.
SCIN said on April 14th, 2009
Awesome crag. Old school feeling. Nice backdrop of rhodos.
Wes said on April 14th, 2009
Since it was pointed out that the other names were kinda boring, I renamed the old routes. If Brian/etc knows the original names, will be glad to change them back.
Jeff said on June 16th, 2009
There is now a trail that follows the cliff line from Legalize It to Wrong Turn. It just naturally happened as more lines are being put in. You still have to drop down to the small "creek" to get to the last 2 routes.
SCIN said on October 6th, 2012
This has turned out to be one hell of a crag with a great variety of climbing. One of each of the best 5.8, 5.11d, 5.10c, and 5.12a lines in the area.
pigsteak said on October 6th, 2012
and today there were over 20 people up there...dogs, tents, hammocks, infants, playpens and noobs learning to clean anchors for the very first time 65 feet up...I kid you not.
Jeff said on October 6th, 2012
For routes 1-10 take the First set of steps on your left. For 11-16 pass the steps and take the left at the small "bridge". For 17-24 continue further on main trail and branch left where you see the wave wall, and for routes 25 to end of crag, go right and down at the fork. Yesterday, almost everyone heading towards Boilerplate took the first set of steps and did a lot of unnecessary walking. Much easier with the directions above.
Anonymous said on May 15th, 2013
Has anyone ever led the finger seam that shares anchors with "Stefanie Bauer Route?" It is not listed here, nor in the most recent guidebook. My partner and I both led it on 3 pieces of gear the other day, and we are wondering if it could be a FA. We have photos/video to help identify the route and confirm our ascents. -Jack
Wolf said on May 15th, 2013
I've led that before. Kind of fun, felt somewhere between 8+ and 9+ to me. I like it better than Stefanie Bauer route, although that's not saying a whole lot.
Anonymous said on May 15th, 2013
Dang, no FA for us then. Thanks though. It's good to know that another climber would rate it about the same. I hate small gear, but I would agree it is way better than Stefanie Bauer Route.
dustonian said on May 16th, 2013
I think Crompy soloed that one once on an awkward threesome day, and was then too sketched to downclimb it. It was pretty fun looking at him up there all stranded, throwin rocks at him and shit.
Cromper said on May 16th, 2013
Wolf said on May 16th, 2013
It is rare when it's not awkward and a threesome goes as smoothly as it does in the fantasy.
shanks.69 said on May 3rd, 2019
Does anyone know what the routes are directly to the right of Boilerplate? The climb directly right felt slightly easier and more varied than Boiler.
shanks.69 said on May 3rd, 2019
Nvm I'm dumb
cwise2 said on April 17th, 2020
Left a bunch of gear at crossroads on March 8th. If anyone has it I would really appreciate it's safe return!