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Shawnee Shelter

Grade Trad Mixed Sport Total
5.13 - - 6 6

Directions to Shawnee Shelter

Muir Valley
This wall is in property owned by Muir Valley. Be respectful.
Shawnee Shelter is located 200 yards left of The Great Wall. From the parking area, follow the main road down a large hill which curves sharply to the right near the bottom. After the curve, continue along the road for about 100 feet until you see another road branch off back to the northwest (left). Follow that road about 100 feet to a creek crossing and continue along a grassy road for about 5 minutes keeping the creek to your left. When the road turns sharply to the right, continue a few minutes longer until you see two wooden signs on a tree pointing to The Solarium and The Great Wall near an obvious stream crossing on the right. To reach The Great Wall, turn right and cross the stream then continue through a swampy area (with boardwalks) along the trail as it winds uphill to the wall. When the trail forks around half way, continue following the trail left until you reach an obvious, very tall, steep, wall split by a roof half way up. Routes are listed from right to left. Shade All Day.

Wall Sun: Shade

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Route Spray Name Type Grade Quality User Stars Length Picture


Kya Sport 5.13a
4.20  (5) 90ft


Blue Jacket Sport 5.13a
4.00  (1) 90ft  


Black Hoof - Open Project Sport Grade Unknown


Tecumseh's Curse Sport 5.11d
4.11  (9) 60ft


Waterfall Ballet Sport 5.10a
2.81  (26) 50ft


Noo-tha Sport 5.11c
4.00  (11) 90ft  


Andrew said on October 29th, 2009
Very tall and impressive wall, has potential for 5 or 6 more very hard sport routes and a couple could be 120 feet plus tall. North facing so its very cool, but kind of dirty.
pawilkes said on October 30th, 2009
Do any of these routes stay dry in the rain? Which ones?
Andrew said on October 30th, 2009
All of them stay dry, Brad and I even did the FA's of two of them in torrential thunderstorms. The bottom of Tecumseh's Curse sometimes gets wet after very heavy prolonged rain.
dirtdog said on May 23rd, 2011
The two routes on the left and the bottom of the arete route were really wet this weekend. The rock's still sweating out all the rain from this spring.
rjackson said on August 22nd, 2011
Fantastic setting and a wonderful escape from the crowds on a hot August day. Bravo gentlemen.
Anonymous said on May 19th, 2019
Yesterday I cleaned off all the MANY spider webs from this gem. Now is a great time to jump on this gem before it gets dirty again.
BubbyBoi said on May 23rd, 2021
Anyone know the story behind the three bolted lines past Shawnee Shelter? They're on a beautiful, tall and featured cliff a couple minute's hike past these routes. One of them in particular looks fantastic. The sign for Shawnee Shelter coming from the end of Great Wall mentions "Missile Silo." Not sure if that refers to this area, but genuinely curious if this is recent development.
Andrew said on May 23rd, 2021
Pretty sure these are old ray and Kipp routes. Not recent.
BubbyBoi said on May 24th, 2021
Interesting...also, kudos to the maniac who braved the perpetually soaked crack left of Tecumseh's Curse. You can barely make out the hidden anchors up in the back of the alcove. I imagine it was like trying to ice skate uphill.