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Land Before Time Wall

Grade Trad Mixed Sport Total
5.10 - - 7 7

Directions to Land Before Time Wall

Muir Valley
This wall is in property owned by Muir Valley. Be respectful.
Head down the main parking lot trail until the first major switchback at the large boulder. Instead of following the trail down, Keep walking straight past he side of the boulder. Continue through an arch until you reach the wall. 10 minutes from parking lot.

Wall Sun: Morning

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Route Spray Name Type Grade Quality User Stars Length Picture

Sabertooth Sport 5.10c
2.85  (62) 55ft

Prehistoric Extermination Sport 5.8+
3.76  (95) 50ft

Ryanosaurus Sport 5.9
3.52  (77) 55ft

Watering Hole Sport 5.10a
2.38  (50) 60ft

Neanderfall Sport 5.9
2.31  (42) 60ft  

Coprolite Sport 5.8
1.21  (42) 0ft

Basilisk Sport 5.7
1.50  (48) 20ft


channes said on November 2nd, 2010
Great small moderate wall. Should take some pressure off of Bruise Bros
wberry said on November 2nd, 2010
Climbed here while Rick was putting out the new signs on October 16th. Really nice spot. Super warmup and will be a great crag for families with young climbers. Do I get the FFA ?? haha! It is wide open, safe and close to the parking area making it a better destination than many places that families attempt to venture into with small children. Nice variety from slab, to jug to roof there is plenty to try and room for development. My compliments to the setters. I had a very nice morning here.
Sco Bro said on May 16th, 2011
Fun routes, easy routes. A good time.
Anonymous said on May 16th, 2011
Prehistoric extermination is a great first lead climb. Great wall for an easy day of fun climbing that stays dry in the rain, baring a major downpour of course.
pigsteak said on June 18th, 2011
decent routes, but what's up with bolting 20 feet of rock on the far left side....routes are better as you go to the right.
climb2core said on June 18th, 2011
20 ft of 5.6 was just right for our 6 yr old. Climbs like that are perfect for the absolute beginners or kids. Keeps them off the real routes and hard to get hurt too bad learning how to tie in and clean.
heacocis said on June 18th, 2011
The two short routes have to be two of the easiest routes around. Part of the point of this wall was to be family friendly: super easy approach and easy kid routes, but still something for mom and dad to play on. Of course the two short routes are not great, but I've seen a lot of kids having a lot of fun on them.
Anonymous said on October 10th, 2011
Sabertooth has a great start; but the anchors being placed as high as they are adds nothing to the climb except horrible rope drag. How about adding another bolt next to the last one on the main face and moving the anchors there? The climb is over at that point anyway; and the ropes would thank you.
Anonymous said on April 9th, 2012
Got up all but the 10.c and all were fun, well set up routes. Gear was in really good shape last weekend and I hope to get back to the 10c soon. Brutal, balancey start to it.