Grade Trad Mixed Sport Total
5.10 3 - 13 16

Directions to The Morgue

This wall is in property owned by RRGCC. Be respectful.
New pink-flagged trail on the old road just before the final river crossing and road leading up to Fruit Wall. Hike for 10 minutes over ~5 river crossings then up the bottom of the drainage over a few huge fallen trees. Take the steep fork up and right before the final small creek crossing that leads up and left to the Record Shop. Total approach time 15 minutes. Alternatively, hike left from the Lab and Graveyard to this very sunny south-facing wall (total approach time this way is about 20 min).

Wall Sun:

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Route Spray Name Type Grade Quality Length Picture


Last Gasp Sport 5.10c
Long, adventurous warm-up for the crag with a spectacular view of the holler at the top. The crux comes low on the bulge. About 10 bolts (or so). Steepness:


Rigor Mortis Trad 5.8+
Climb the chimney system left of the ledge routes. Steepness:


Open Project Sport 5.12
Black streak starting on the left side of the ledge system, trending right from Rigor Mortis. Take some loppers to contend with a thorn bush on the ledge. Equipped by Dustin Stephens. Steepness:


Toxicology Report Sport 5.11d
Begin in a horizontal slot on the leftmost side of the ledge. Make a big move to the black, blobby hueco then dive out to a ledge to access technical moves up a blunt arÍte. The second bolt is a fixed chain. Steepness:


Death Certificate Sport 5.12a
Race through bouldery pockets and end with a mantel in a large hueco. A few moves out of the hueco on big holds get you to the chains. Steepness:


Y-incision Sport 5.11b
Last route on the right side of the ledge. Chain draw to start. A tough couple of entry moves lead to long pulls on deep slots. Steepness:


Bleached Bones Trad 5.10d
Short vicious fist crack just left of the Scalpel. Rap from a bolt anchor out left on the ledge system. Stays dry in rain. Steepness:


Scalpel Sport 5.13a
Climb up through a rounded dihedral of sorts until you can pop out onto the face to a pair of jugs. Depending on your taste you can cop a sit down rest on the ledge, take your shoes off, and hang out for a few or just finagle one in the hueco. When ready, enter the golden face to meet up with several distinct boulder problems. A pair of razor sharp crimps will be the deciding factor of your willingness to give it another go. Steepness:


Coroner Sport 5.12c
It's not often an instant classic is born but this route shows that it is definitely possible. This is the kind of stuff people come from Spain to Kentucky for. Classic, pumpy climbing with enough variety to keep it interesting leads up to a grand finale crux run to the chains and an anchor clip guaranteed to bring the chicken wings out of any climber. If this is open, you are in luck. Steepness:
classic-1 : long-1 : beautiful-1 : technical-1


Pathology (Project) Sport 5.13b
The line of glue-in bolts in a rounded dihedral. A difficult boulder problem with a sharp crimp leads to outstanding pumpy climbing and a tough finish. Equipped by Jake Veresh. Grade is estimated. Steepness:


The Incinerator Sport 5.12a
A balancy introductory move opens to a steep, blunt arete loaded with pockets and large edges providing for a pumpfest reminiscent of an easier version of 8 Ball at the Motherlode. A one bolt extension adds a bit more climbing to the mix. Steepness:


Bone Machine Sport 5.12d
Another excellent, tough line on this gorgeous orange face. Steepness:


Post-Mortem Sport 5.13b
A tough boulder problem making use of a tips crack and poor feet gives you a taste of things to come. It refuses to let up as more boulder problems and difficult clips keep coming at you. Steepness:


Cremulator Sport 5.13a
Looks may be deceiving. This enticing yet evil line delivers a series of tweaky and powerful moves that will put your small hold ability to the test. Marked by an obvious fat flake midway up. Steepness:


Cold Chamber (Project) Sport 5.12d
Climb the bolted arete near a thin crack in grey rock on the right side of the main wall. Equipped by Jake Varesh. Steepness:


Toe Tag Trad 5.10b
Stem and layback the attractive corner system on the right side of the wall. Steepness:


JR said on May 18th, 2015
Best looking wall in Miller fork. Scalpel is a stunner. I wish those closed projects would go down so it would be worth the trip out there. Send!
dustonian said on May 18th, 2015
working on it. what time did you get shade this time of year?
Anonymous said on May 19th, 2015
Mostly Jake and he will Send soon.
shadow.ayala said on May 27th, 2015
In the height of summer, this wall actually stays in the shade all day. I can't say the same thing about the belays though.
Anonymous said on May 27th, 2015
man Miller Fork is all about the "perfect aspect" walls! same thing with Infirmary, Coopers, Cloud 9 etc...
dustonian said on June 7th, 2015
Approach pitch to the ledge routes is a fun spicy 5.10 if you skip the rebar.