Corner Pocket

Grade Trad Mixed Sport Total
5.8 6 4 13 23

Directions to Corner Pocket

This wall is in property owned by RRGCC. Be respectful.
Take the same trail as for Highlands, crossing/wading the creek two more times. At a third smaller tributary crossing, head steeply up and right on the hill following the yellow-tagged trail to the Pharmacy, leaving the main trail on the valley floor. After a switchback you will join an old oil road; continue along this oil road to the Pharmacy, or cut steep switchbacks directly up the hill to the right to get to Corner Pocket.

Wall Sun:

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Route Spray Name Type Grade Quality Length Picture


Pedophile with Cancer Trad 5.8
As you reach the buttress at the top of the trail this short, wide crack is immediately visible. Great for those with large fists or a propensity for self torture (aka offwidth climbers). Steepness:


Podular Trad 5.9
Walk right from where the trail meets the wall to locate this right-facing corner with a low roof. Good hand jams and face holds get you over the roof where a long, mellow journey through ledges and jugs awaits. Bring a #4 Camalot for the squeeze chimney at the top. Shares anchors with Elevator Pitch. Steepness:


Elevator Pitch Sport 5.10a
The first bolted line encountered, just right of a crack, as the trail meets the wall. A challenging intro move buys you a ticket on this fun ride. Super solid rock, well bolted, long, and pumpy make this one of the better lines for the grade. Steepness:


Bookworm Mixed 5.11b
Pitch 1 (5.8) - An acute dihedral around the corner from a Elevator Pitch. Better than it looks, despite a little mud. FA Dustin Stephens, Andrew Gearing, 2014. Pitch 2 (5.11b) - tackle the low roof to gain easy crack climbing and balancy face climbing protected by a couple of bolts. FA Symon Ardila, Dustin Stephens, 2014. Steepness:


Blockbuster Trad 5.9
Discontinuous crack system 25 right of Bookworm, before the big tree. At the top, move slightly left for medium-large cam placements in horizontals. Steepness:


Old Growth Sport 5.12b
Pitch 1 (5.11b) - Immediately right of a large tree is a shallow dihedral where this route begins. Use the tree, or don't, to reach decent slots and edges which become large finger ledges near the top. This line serves as a good way to reach the ledge routes if you don't want to scramble up the muddy gully further right. Pitch 2 (5.12b)- continues over the roof from the ledge and adds an extra 60 feet with 7 bolts. Steepness:


Understory Sport 5.12b
This short but tough face climb is marked by a pair of enticing iron oxide jugs about twelve feet up. Steepness:


Chimney Sweep Trad 5.7
Walk back into the narrowing corridor around the corner from Understory and choose your width. Shuffle and scoot up to a ledge then move up through a slot to reach a large ledge. Steepness:


Hot Mess Sport 5.11a
LEDGE ROUTE: The sport route just left of the Awkward Threesome crack. Begin on a large pile of cheater stones and jump for a jug in the roof. Good holds over the lip lead to a nice, mellow ride on orange and black jugs. A potentially dangerous runout from the last bolt to the chains may be eliminated with the addition of a bolt eventually. If you see eight bolts then you are good. If you see seven, be careful. Steepness:


Awkward Threesome Trad 5.11a
LEDGE ROUTE: This wandering, naturally protected face climbing is located on a ledge above and right of Chimney Sweep. The ledge can be reached by scrambling up a gully 50 feet right of Chimney Sweep or by climbing the first pitch of Old Growth or the surrounding lines. Steepness:


Compulsion Sport 5.11b
LEDGE ROUTE: Just right of Awkward Threesome is another fair line which also begins with a low roof. This one has a bit of slab in it. It's a great line but often wet when the two lines left of it aren't. Steepness:


Nobody Cares Sport 5.9
A long heavily featured slab that begins 25 feet left of Geller's Spoon. The base is mostly blank so start uphill and left of the first bolt on jugs and gain instant exposure going to the high first bolt. Steepness:


Geller's Spoon Sport 5.11a
Walk right from the previous group of ground level lines to reach this bolted line, which marks the beginning of the serene, pine laden section of the cliff. Start in left-facing scoop marked by black bolt hangers. A low crux leads to slabby and sometimes furry climbing which steepens near the top. Steepness:


Capsaicin Sea Sport 5.11b
A thin crack beginning gets you into a muddy fat flake with a tree growing from it, making for several good root jugs. Ladder up on large iron oxide ledges and a couple of long moves to finish in a challenging groove. Currently there is good potential for a ledge fall between bolts 6 and 7 and possibly 7 and 8 so don't fall or don't climb it. Steepness:


Symbiosis Mixed 5.11b
Either climb the crack far left of the first bolt (which is also the first pitch of Histoplasmosis) or the mossy face beneath it to start this unbelievably good face climb. A roof pull at the fifth bolt is the gateway to exposed and wild ride that is well worth the entry fee. If you bypass the crack, be careful clipping the second bolt and take a #3 Camalot to protect the run to the third. The remainder is well bolted. Note that the two glue-in bolts making up the alternate start of this line may be pulled by the FA at some point. Steepness:


Histoplasmosis Trad 5.10c
This 2 pitch line begins by climbing the flake that also makes up the first pitch of Symbiosis. Where Symbiosis cuts left out of the flake and onto the bolted face, this line is accessed by continuing up the crack and into the cave instead of cutting left. A wide roof crack offers plenty of jugs hidden within. Steepness:


Monolith Sport 5.12c
The right angling line of glue in bolts on the blank face left of an arÍte. Good shoes and good temps recommended. Steepness:


Cornerstone Sport 5.13d
Walk right, passing a greenish dihedral with a very thin crack (unclimbed). A striking bolted, perfectly square and shallow dihedral leads to enjoyable, overhanging climbing above. Can you pinch the corner of a building and get off the ground? If so, you may stand a chance. Steepness:


Dayglo-a-Go-Go Mixed 5.10d
A thin, picturesque dihedral leads to juggy, bolted face climbing. Begin on a diseased looking ledge with a glue-in bolt as the first piece. Goes great on small to medium sized stoppers. Steepness:


Totoro Sport 5.12b
Just left of a tree is this stellar face climb which begins with gravely holds but quickly switches to deep iron oxide pockets and a smack down at bolt three. The second half is a mega-fun 11a pump fest. Steepness:


Hazard Function (Closed Project) Mixed Grade Unknown
A mixed line beginning in a small, narrowing dihedral just in front of a tree. The dihedral ends with a short section of hairline crack which rewards you with a more relaxed, bolted second half. Equipped by Dustin Stephens in 2014. Steepness:


Palm Reader (Open Project) Sport 5.13b
Just around the corner from Hazard Function is a bolted, left-leaning dihedral where just a glance will provide you with the origin of the name. Technical power palming makes way for a gorgeous, plated headwall. Steepness:


Biophilia (Open Project) Sport 5.14+
The monster line starting in the blank dihedral and trending right towards the seasonal waterfall. Begin with a V-hard dihedral then launch into several more stout boulder problems to reach difficult and technical tufa climbing near the top. Steepness:


ray said on March 2nd, 2014
You guys are killing me with the 5 stars! Yasmeen, as a rule the guy who puts the bolts in isn't allowed to give their route more than 3. :)
caribe said on March 3rd, 2014
Martial arts throwing stars? Are you alright Ray?
dustonian said on April 14th, 2014
Except for a couple of shady sections, most of this crag gets sun until early afternoon. The Pharmacy is the opposite and most of the Highlands routes are shady all day.
Anonymous said on February 3rd, 2015
The biggest and baddest cliff in Miller Fork
Anonymous said on May 5th, 2015
Several new routes here now
Anonymous said on June 8th, 2016
I'm grateful our other crags in the red weren't developed like this one. Multiple stupid mixed routes here that should have just been bolted
Anonymous said on June 8th, 2016
There are plenty of sport routes for you to wave your pathetic warty micropenis around on.