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The Nursery

Grade Trad Mixed Sport Total
5.3 2 - 14 16

Directions to The Nursery

This wall is in property owned by RRGCC. Be respectful.
From the main parking area cross the creek and follow the road past two turnoffs on the left, the second of which leads to Serenity Point/Coopers Cove. Shortly after the second left a short road on the right appears which leads to Highlands/Corner Pocket. Continue along the main road, staying right at the fork, until another creek crossing is found. Cross the creek and walk uphill for about five minutes until the road flattens. As the road becomes steep again and more narrow look for the Fruit Wall trail to the left, and keep hiking about 15 minutes past that. Also hike past The Portal and Poison Ivy wall to a trail on your left going uphill to another logging road. Hike this road to another trail on your left, then walk right when you meet the wall to find the routes. (About 30 minutes from the parking lot at the end of Hell Creek Road.)

Wall Sun:

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Route Spray Name Type Grade Quality User Stars Length Picture


Beaver Patrol Trad 5.6
2.20  (5) 100ft


Welcome Home Trad 5.10
2.00  (1) 20ft  


Rash Decision Sport 5.11b
2.60  (15) 50ft


The Grack Sport 5.11d
3.00  (4) 60ft  


Fifth of November Sport 5.11d
3.00  (3) 55ft


Lesser of Two Evils Sport 5.12c
4.00  (3) 50ft


Solomon Grundy Sport 5.11d
1.90  (10) 50ft


Hazy Dazy Sport 5.3
2.25  (16) 30ft


Pixadoodle Sport 5.8
2.53  (19) 40ft


Fuzzy Muffin Sport 5.7
2.70  (20) 45ft  


Kate's Way Sport 5.6
2.76  (17) 45ft


Kentucky Two Step Sport 5.6
2.84  (19) 50ft


Vitamin K Sport 5.6
2.00  (1) 50ft  


End of State Maintenance Sport 5.10a
3.21  (29) 50ft


Southern Satisfaction Sport 5.10b
3.00  (21) 50ft


The Sierra Alta Shuffle Sport 5.10a
3.00  (2) 60ft  


Willy said on July 29th, 2014
The Red really needed a wall like this. Thanks for the work guys
climb2core said on July 29th, 2014
Patrick, thanks for the work!!! My kids had a blast on this wall and will continue to enjoy it!!!! Really appreciate it! Ian
Cromper said on July 30th, 2014
Thanks for these Patrick, definitely going to be making a visit soon!
CLIMBTRAD said on July 30th, 2014
It was alot of work putting this wall up, cleaning wise. But it will make a nice place for beginner's and kids. Unfortunately due to the less than vertical nature, these route will be dirty for some time. So bring a brush!! Big thanks to all those who donated to the bolt fund, and made these routes possible. Thanks Patrick
Anonymous said on October 24th, 2014
Thanks for these routes guys, We climbed em today. I know I'm just a beginner but I've climbed a few other 5.5's to 5.7's in the Red and these were way trickier! Not really sure how you can call them 5.3's to be honest. It was tons of fun though. Take a brush for sure.
Roger said on October 26th, 2014
Couldn't find the wall. Walked past fruit wall, then just kept walking til the road turned left and narrowed to a trail. Then there was a big downed tree, after that the trail just petered out.
mourz said on October 27th, 2014
Also did not find the wall. Was told that there is a foot trail that we must have missed off of the old logging road that turns to the left and up before the down tree on the main trail. There is a red streamer on a branch at that split.
monty4355 said on October 27th, 2014
The road goes down a some what steep hill at the bottom of which part of the trail has eroded. At this point a steep trail/mudslide splits left. At the top of this there is another road which you follow for about 100 feet and then another trail splits left to the crag.
CLIMBTRAD said on October 27th, 2014
Sorry y'all are getting lost. I'll try and get some sort of flag or something up marking the trails. Just have to look for the mudslide going up. Plenty others are finding it. Just hit me up and I'll show ya the way. Also some crimps are breaking on some routes makeing them a little harder. Bring a brush
KDubPlaya said on October 27th, 2014
Hi CLIMBTRAD, could you possibly do up an approach sketch? hoping to get down in a couple of weeks and seems to be the perfect crag for the fam. Cheers
Anonymous said on November 16th, 2014
Here at the Red for the first time spent day one at Muir Valley on practice and Brusiebrothrs.... Yes I'm a novice but you got to start somewhere..... Day two was rainy so the Nursery sounded perfect to get some routes in. We took the above beta in hand and headed out; 1st hour was a lovely hike by Secret Garden back to the parking lot with new beta from two super nice cliembers we meet. Excited we knew where we went astray we headed out again 2 hours later we were back at the parking lot without ever finding the wall. Found a few others on the left way out of our league and one organge flag on a branch but alas no Nurserry. I'd love to come back and actually find it. Could you please post a map and mark the trail with a paint blaze?!
Anonymous said on November 16th, 2014
Follow directions to Fruit Wall starting on the increasingly muddy and unwalkable road. Take your second right and cross the river on some stepping stones or a downed tree to the left depending on water level. Continue uphill on the old road. Pass Fruit Wall, Portal, and Vine Wall on your left. Keep walking. When you see a holler up on your left and a weird teepee thing, scramble directly up the hill on a crappy trail. It's about 30 minutes from the main parking area. Good luck.
climb2core said on November 17th, 2014
The nursery is slab with no roof cover. Meaning it will get soaked in the rain. Better rainy day bet outside of Muir is Chica Bonita or Chaos wall for 5.7 and under.
Anonymous said on November 17th, 2014
The turdy easy routes at Fruit stay dry in rain too. But climbing in the gym would probably be more fun and productive.
CLIMBTRAD said on December 8th, 2014
There is now a set of stone steps and a pile of rocks with a little nursery sighn. Walk the road past Fruit wall. Past the Portal wall. Past the vine wall or what ever it is going to call it. Then you will come to the rock pile and . These lead to the next upper rd. Follow unrill you find a trail on tour left. The nursery is up and to the right. Hope y'all find it now. Patrick
rjackson said on May 10th, 2015
Agree, easy to find now, just follow the road to the sign, and the steps, and the teepee. Right side is a little dirty and crispy, but fun! I felt the slab routes are a little run out at the top for the grades, so if this is your first time sampling some world class sandstone you may want to practice climbing light . . . And many thanks Patrick, made for a very fun morning. :-)
CLIMBTRAD said on May 11th, 2015
Thanks Russ glad y'all fun. I agree a couple of the slab routes feel ran out towards the top. Also a few key holds have broken since we put this wall up. Making for some slightly harder grades and a spicier feel. I'll get back out their sometime and add a bolt or two. Thanks for your input. Patrick
thermalfissions said on July 31st, 2015
Jon Miner and I cleaned off a trad route about 30 feet right of End of State Maintenance. We called it "The Art of Turd Polishing" and think it's 5.9. There is a piece of rope around a tree to rappel off or you can climb to the top and hike out on a trail off to the left. It's kind of fun, though still a little dirty.
amarius said on October 13th, 2015
Boulder between R1 and R2 has a fun problem, perhaps a warm-up for R1
Anonymous said on April 27th, 2017
Anyone going to finish the project right of Southern Satisfaction? The one with draws hanging on the bolts and 2 holes missing bolts near the bottom. Has been like this for about a year, if you're not coming back I would like to throw some bolts in there and open it up.
CLIMBTRAD said on May 13th, 2017
Yes this is my route. I had a rope hanging on it and someone stole it. Got a new rope fixed now and plan on it taking care of it soon. Thanx Patrick.
gunner said on August 1st, 2017
Does anybody have GPS coordinates for The Nursery?
merrick said on September 4th, 2018
Looks like there is a new route between Kentucky Two Step and End State of Maintenance.