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Grade Trad Mixed Sport Total
5.10 7 - 25 32

Directions to Camelot

This wall is in property owned by RRGCC. Be respectful.
After crossing the main bridge from the parking lot, follow the trail to the right. When it Ts into old roadbed/trail head downhill and turn right onto the continuation of the trail before you hit the floodplain. Follow this all the way out, past some stone steps and a series of switchbacks. After this let the Grail guide you into the woods down the continuation of the trail. Again, let the Grail guide you across the creek and continue following the trail across a floodplain and then left along old roadbed/trail. It will eventually end in a hollow where the sign for Camelot will direct you up the approach trail. ... on second thought, let's not go to Camelot, 'tis a silly place.

Wall Sun: Morning

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Route Spray Name Type Grade Quality User Stars Length Picture


Huge Tracts of Sand Trad 5.8


Brave Sir Robin Sport 5.10c
2.68  (19) 45ft


Chicken of Augnor Sport 5.8
2.35  (17) 30ft


Bring out Your Dead Trad 5.9
1.00  (1) 30ft  


See You on Thursday Sport 5.8
2.60  (20) 30ft  


I Fart in Your General Direction Trad 5.8
2.00  (4) 30ft  


Castle Awed Sport 5.8
2.45  (22) 30ft


Ralfe the Wonder Llama Sport 5.8
2.38  (16) 35ft  


Trojan Rabbit Sport 5.9
2.25  (12) 30ft  


Arthur, King of the Britons Sport 5.8
2.00  (1) 35ft


English Pip Dogs Sport 5.9
2.40  (20) 45ft  


Ham and Jam and Spam Sport 5.10a
2.89  (18) 50ft


Your Mother Was A Hamster Sport 5.10a
2.86  (7) 50ft  


Every Crimp is Sacred Sport 5.11b
2.50  (4) 50ft  


Holy Hand Grenades Trad 5.6
1.50  (2) 60ft  


The Keeper Sport 5.9
1.64  (14) 30ft


The Enchanter Sport 5.11b
2.18  (11) 30ft


The Bright Side of Life Trad 5.7
1.60  (5) 50ft


But a Scratch Sport 5.7
2.60  (5) 30ft


A Sacred Quest Sport 5.12a
3.00  (4) 40ft  


The French Taunt Sport 5.12b
3.83  (6) 30ft  


Lady of the Lake Sport 5.10a
3.50  (36) 45ft


She's a Witch Sport 5.10a
3.41  (27) 45ft


Now We See the Violence Inherent in the System Trad 5.9+
3.25  (4) 45ft  


Holy Grail Sport 5.11a
3.93  (44) 65ft


European Swallow Sport 5.8
1.64  (25) 25ft  


African Swallow Trad 5.6
1.00  (7) 25ft  


The Snows of Winter Sport 5.8
2.22  (18) 30ft


Ecki Ptang Zoom Boing Sport 5.11b
3.08  (12) 45ft


The Knights who say B Sport 5.11b
3.53  (15) 45ft  


A Herring Sport 5.10d
3.00  (8) 40ft


Roger the Shrubber Sport 5.10a
3.50  (18) 40ft  


SpikySkaKid said on June 28th, 2018
Okay, haven't been there yet, but seriously my new favorite crag in the Red. The route names just kill me. On a real note, great to have another place with lots of moderates. Thank you developers.
sbailey077 said on June 28th, 2018
Agree with Spiky, the route names are fantastic here. Can't wait to come check it out hopefully it'll clean up nice for a good beginner/intermediate area.
ray said on July 2nd, 2018
I though this was named Neverland?
Anonymous said on July 2nd, 2018
Neverland is a different, incomplete crag. No trail there yet, and not a lot of routes.
Prdanny said on July 24th, 2018
Awesome Place To Climb. I gotta go back and hit up those 11s and 12s
Anonymous said on July 31st, 2018
Is there/will there be a physical guidebook for this crag?
Chiyram said on August 1st, 2018
Yes, it will eventually make it into a guidebook along with the 100+ routes that aren't in the current Miller Guidebook version.
ray said on August 1st, 2018
Yes, there will be
Anonymous said on August 2nd, 2018
can the guidebook not focus on canonizing route developers? If i have to see another (poorly drawn) image of some animated guy with a drill I might gag. They act like they lack an ego by bolting routes, but they are among the most narcisistic of the bunch, and guidbooks should focus on showcasing the area they cover, not the people who sunk bolts into the wall.
Chiyram said on August 2nd, 2018
Probably a balance to be struck there buddy. Developers might be selfish, but they are doing the work and spending the money to put the routes up that everyone gets to enjoy, or shit on. Probably shouldn't act like they don't exist. Most guidebooks give odes to the biggest developers of the area.
climb2core said on August 2nd, 2018
I hope you can come out to meet the narcissistic group of developers at our Rebolt the Red event who are volunteering their time and skills to maintain the routes you enjoy climbing. Or you can make a contribution at FWIW, I mainly bolt to get away from asshats like you.
Cromper said on August 2nd, 2018
Most anyone who is saying they are bolting for the ‘community’ is totally bullshitting themselves. Bolting is a selfish pursuit at best. I bolt because i find it fun. I don’t care what you think of my dirty pile in the woods because I had fun bolting, cleaning, and climbing it and that’s all that matters to me. If you are looking for glory and grandeur in bolting you’re in the wrong place. In the grand scheme of things there are a lot better ways to spend your time than drilling holes in a dirty wall in the middle of nowhere and getting lung cancer.
Chiyram said on August 2nd, 2018
Listen here buddy, we are happily benefiting from your selfishness and I want it talked about least to irk you a little bit. :P
Anonymous said on August 2nd, 2018
i've never heard of Porter 'projecting' a closed route, it must have happened? or Hugh? where have all the pretty boys gone?
Anonymous said on August 3rd, 2018 Stop romanticizing the stone. No one gives a fuck about some piece of choss in the middle of BFE. Get the fuck over yourself and move on down the line.
Anonymous said on August 3rd, 2018
wait, what? is 'closing' a piece of rock romanticizing it or is telling 'developers' to fuck off the rock is not yours free love and die romanticizing it?
ray said on August 3rd, 2018
I’m confused, what are we arguing about here? Someone didn’t like the cover and route developers are cannibals?
Anonymous said on August 3rd, 2018
I have carefully read all comments. I am confident at this point we are arguing pie vs cake. And pie is the clear winner. Fuck cake.
ray said on August 3rd, 2018
Hell yes. Fuck cake
Anonymous said on August 3rd, 2018
As cake said, “sheep go to heaven, goats, go to hell”
Anonymous said on August 3rd, 2018
i won't let pie get away with this.
CLIMBTRAD said on August 4th, 2018
Narcissistic!! Wow!! I've been called alot of things before but never that. Doesn't sound like you have ever met and got to know very many developers. It's true I bolt for me, because I like getting off the beaten path and climbing new routes and not standing in line to climb. Funny thing is, I've given away more FA's than I've claimed. Most to total strangers just visiting the Red. I know plenty of developers that have done the same. Building trails for access, installing bolts to clip and scrubbing rock to grab. Then leaving the route there for you to climb. If that makes all developers selfish and narcissistic, so be it. I suggest you find your own rock to bolt. Then produce your own guide book and put a name to that pussy ass comment. Thanks, have fun and be safe clipping all those bolts that a whole bunch of people selfishly left for you to enjoy.
CLIMBTRAD said on August 4th, 2018
CLIMBTRAD Aka Patrick Miller. See now that's not so hard . Don't be scared to own your thoughts.
Anonymous said on August 4th, 2018
a committed troll would need to point out that you narcissitically posted and ruined a perfectly good thread.
climbhigh said on August 4th, 2018
I just did it for the beer and bitches.
Anonymous said on August 5th, 2018
so no one will admit that the MF Guidebook is uniquely ugly not only in its art but the fact that it focuses more on the people than the rock (close second to the 100 dollar ten sleep guidebook). Thats fucking silly.
lil_reggie said on August 5th, 2018
Here we go again. Anon bitchin bout the guide book artwork and the credit given to developers. In all lil reg’s years of killin it, lil reg never seen such an ignant ass comment. Lil Reg has an idea for you though, ignant ass, how bout you write a guide book, no cartoons, no credit to developers. Call it “Best of Red: Miller fork edition” and be real original. Dumb dumb. Or better yet, find that wild iris book(can be found for 25 bucks ignant ass) and go anonymously bitch about the climbs/books out there. I’m sure they will listen to your illuminating opinions. If Lil Reg had lil Reg’s way, the guide book would be all cartoons and there would be life size statues of the developers at their crags.
lil_reggie said on August 5th, 2018
ten sleep book*
Steezmcgee said on August 5th, 2018
We shouldn't be worried about all the narcissistic bolters in the Red. Instead this tread should be celebrating Camelot as a groundbreaking crag , a unique and bold approach to conversation and sustainability was taken by the developers. The next Miller book should be filled with illustrations of people building trails, steps and retaining walls.
Anonymous said on August 5th, 2018
Over the years I've met quite a few people from Michigan in the Red, many at trail days. In the vein of supporting and appreciating 'developers', I want to share this and hope word spreads. The primary is Tuesday, Aug. 7, just a few days from now.
ray said on August 7th, 2018
Hey anonymous, sorry that the MF guidebook upset you so much but the good thing is anyone else can print one and probably for much less. After Dave Pegg (my previous publisher) took his life my wife and I decided to take 30K of our own money and do whatever the hell we wanted with it to make a guidebook. It was fun and I freakin love Steve's illustrations and even have some of the originals framed and hanging on the wall of my home office. I doubt we've made any money on selling the book (don't really care) but you too can take a shit load of money and blow it on whatever you want! That's the great thing about Merica! Make lots of money in IT and blow that shit!!! Yeehaw baby!!! Can't wait for the Airstream Classic and retirement in a few years.
Anonymous said on August 7th, 2018
Ray, will there ever be a 2nd edition of the MF guide book?
Jackiefreesh said on August 8th, 2018
Hey Lil Reg, If you get a sculptor, Jimmy is ready to pose nude at the Deep End in front of some of the crap he brushed. Remember those who clean and brush.
sigrah said on August 8th, 2018
Best response to Anon in awhile
Anonymous said on August 8th, 2018
whoneedsfeet said on August 9th, 2018
Can it be me taking cromper's mom by the horns?
Anonymous said on August 11th, 2018
Anon has been discovered. It’s one of the two nerds. I sent you an email Ray
Anonymous said on August 13th, 2018
should this place be completely chopped and we start over? what an embarrassment to the community.
caribe said on August 13th, 2018
"Instead this tread should be celebrating Camelot as a groundbreaking crag" Whoa ... let's not lose track of what went down here, A grade for trail building ... yes. C- on average for the bolting and route establishment. There are a few that are worth all the metallurgy required for the equipment.
Anonymous said on September 17th, 2018
1.3 miles from the parking lot. Fairly shaded.
Smiles said on May 28th, 2019
I feel I have to put in a good word for this Crag. It's an easy to moderate crag with a lot of good lines for beginner to moderate climbers. I've taken a lot of different people there and they all had lots of fun... which I think is the point of rock climbing. Some of the lines are really quite good, bolting is appropriate to the grade, trails in are fantastic. There are some very mellow 9's and 10's, 8's that present a problem people are proud to solve. Quite of few of the lines are child friendly. As expected it has become very popular very quickly which is fine. Just as an aside, it won't support large groups.. van loads of students with only one rope gun are not going to like it because the belay stances are narrow and lets leave those hammocks at home. Pregnant and nursing mothers may use one, all others just sit on a rock.
Anonymous said on May 28th, 2019
Great crag!!!
michaelarmand said on October 13th, 2021
For some reason route 01 "Arthur, King of the Britons" is showing up in the route order between routes 10 and 11. Confusing....this is the furthest left route at teh crag.