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Dunkan Rock

Grade Trad Mixed Sport Total
5.8 6 - - 6

Directions to Dunkan Rock

This wall is in property owned by USFS. Be respectful.
From the parking lot of the Junior Williamson Rest Area in Slade, turn left (north) on KY 11, drive 0.1 miles under the Mountain Parkway overpass to a "T" intersection with KY 15. Turn left (east) and continue for 1.5 miles, then turn right (north) on KY 77. This highway is also known as "Nada Tunnel Road", and you may see a street sign so designated at this intersection. Drive 4.4 miles through the tiny town of Nada, through the tunnel, and over the steel bridge (stay right after you cross the steel bridge) to the intersection with KY 715. KY 77 curves left near an old barn while KY 715 continues straight. Follow KY 77 around to the left, past the barn on the right and uphill for 0.8 miles. There is a small pulloff on the right just before the road curves left. From the curve, look to the right (northeast) and you will see a rounded buttress. You can also park in the Phantasia pulloff and walk back down the road to where it curves left. The buttress will have a wide crack splitting the face above the trees. This is the second pitch of Frenchburg Overhangs. Walk straight down the hill to the creek, cross it and walk straight back up the hill toward the cliff. Try not to meander too much or you will end up getting lost. This wall has the simplest approach if you are familiar with it but seems to be quite popular for losing people.

Wall Sun: Unknown

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Route Spray Name Type Grade Quality User Stars Length Picture


Frenchburg Overhangs Trad 5.8
4.03  (31) 130ft


Tom's Route Trad 5.3
4.33  (3) 25ft  


Joe's Route Trad 5.3
1.00  (1) 90ft  


What's Left of the Beeneling Trad 5.10c
4.89  (19) 80ft


The Beeneling Trad 5.9+
4.55  (22) 80ft


Treason at the Watchtower Trad 5.9
2.67  (3) 155ft


pawilkes said on June 8th, 2009
A tip for the approach: When you hit the creek you should see a huge boulder (~30 feet tall) basically in the creek bed. My tip is to hike up the hill starting from the down stream side of the the boulder angling back up river a bit following the path of least resistance up the hill for a couple hundred feet. theres a bit of a cliff band down stream, hike down stream a little until you get past the dense rhodo's and then head up hill.
pawilkes said on November 30th, 2009
GPS coordinates for Frenchburg Overhang ~ N 37Degrees50.652', W083Degrees38.418'
campby said on October 14th, 2015
This approach is kind of a sandbag. The problem is, it's not a hike. There is no "trail" to find or follow. It's a bushwack. Treat it as a bushwack, and you'll be fine. Basically, you just hike on the road until you see Dunkan rock to your left. After that, just find a way down the steep hill and eventually cross a stream. You'll likely see a huge boulder to your left. Don't go that way. Instead, hike upstream to your right until you see a place where you can begin hiking uphill. Head straight up along the path of least resistance. Keep working your way up the hill and you'll eventually run into the wall. It's kind of hard to miss. Approach time: Approx 15 minutes, if you figure it out quickly. Wear solid shoes.
MikeWilkinson said on May 2nd, 2019
Couldn't spot Dunkan Rock from the road. Parked for Phantasia, across from Creature Feature in a paved pullout and you could see a lightly beaten trail right there heading down. Followed it, trending south following path of least resistance, ending up at the creek. Walked past huge boulder in the creek. From here, hike another minute or so south on the creek then look for a way to head up, it's kind of steep but goes. Keep your eyes open for signs of previous hiking and you should find some sort of trail that puts you just left of frenchburg overhangs.