Jewel Pinnacle

Grade Trad Mixed Sport Total
5.8 4 - - 4

Directions to Jewel Pinnacle

This wall is in property owned by USFS. Be respectful.
From the parking lot of the Junior Williamson Rest Area in Slade, turn left (north) on KY 11, drive 0.1 miles under the Mountain Parkway overpass to a "T" intersection with KY 15. Turn left (east) and continue for 1.5 miles, then turn right (north) on KY 77. This highway is also known as "Nada Tunnel Road", and you may see a street sign so designated at this intersection. Drive 4.4 miles through the tiny town of Nada, through the tunnel, and over the steel bridge (stay right after you cross the steel bridge) to the intersection with KY 715. KY 77 curves left near an old barn while KY 715 continues straight. Stay on KY 715 (don't take the curve to the left) for about 3.4 miles from the intersection. Cross a large bridge and park on your left after the bridge. If you look across the road you will be able to see Jewel Pinnacle. Head towards the pinnacle through a field, cross the river, and follow a path uphill to the pinnacle.

Wall Sun: Unknown

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Route Spray Name Type Grade Quality User Stars Length Picture


Seibert Route Trad 5.8


Diamond in the Crack Trad 5.6
4.66  (68) 120ft


Kool Aid Trad 5.11b
3.67  (3) 80ft


Copperhead Trad 5.6
2.57  (14) 70ft


ynp1 said on July 8th, 2011
This is how I get there. I think it is easier then the directions above. Park at the Gladie visitor center. Walk through the grassy field in the back until you hit the creek. Walk right down the creek until it intersects another creek. Cross the creek here (if the water is low you will be walking across toward a sandy part of the bank). Once across walk left along the river for a few hundred yards. Look for the trail up the hill on your right. This will lead straight to the pinnacle.
gritstone said on October 14th, 2013
Description by ynp1 is spot on. Once you've crossed the river and start off left you will encounter a large fallen tree across the trail. Keep following this trail up but pay attention as it gets faint in places. It will bring you to the corner of the pinnacle. Head to your left to find the start of diamond in the crack.