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The Gallery

Grade Trad Mixed Sport Total
5.10 5 1 38 44

Directions to The Gallery

This wall is in property owned by RRGCC. Be respectful.
Park in the Sore Heel Hollow parking area, follow the road uphill from the parking area, passing the turn off for the other crags, walk down a hill, cross a foot bridge and follow the new trail. The trail will split near the cliff face, go left for "the tribute" and the routes to left of it. Right for Happy trails routes to the right of it. The routes are listed from the far left side of the wall.

Wall Sun: Morning

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Route Spray Name Type Grade Quality User Stars Length Picture


Crimpy and the Brain Sport 5.9
1.98  (45) 50ft


All Draws & No Brains Sport 5.10d
1.79  (38) 45ft  


No Brain, No Pain Sport 5.10b
2.66  (58) 40ft


Dain Bramage Sport 5.10d
3.17  (59) 80ft


Short by a Foot Sport 5.10c
2.64  (36) 40ft  


Starry Night Sport 5.12a
3.94  (63) 65ft


Fugaku Sport 5.12d
3.17  (6) 65ft


Bottle Infrontome Sport 5.10d
2.00  (16) 60ft


Frontal Lobotomy Sport 5.10c
2.38  (24) 65ft


Thin Skin Trad 5.10b
3.50  (2) 35ft  


Blank Canvas Sport 5.12c
4.22  (23) 60ft


Banksy Sport 5.12c
3.57  (7) 65ft


Crude Awakening Sport 5.10b
3.31  (36) 60ft


The Last Supper Sport 5.11a
4.06  (31) 90ft


Clair Obscur Sport 5.11b
3.52  (31) 85ft


DaVinci's Left Ear Sport 5.10b
3.15  (103) 60ft


Smack Dab Sport 5.11b
3.09  (44) 50ft  


Different Strokes Sport 5.11c
3.84  (101) 50ft


Random Precision Sport 5.11b
4.57  (115) 60ft


Stucco nu Trad 5.11+
4.33  (6) 0ft


Zen and the Art of Masturbation Sport 5.12d
4.63  (30) 70ft


American Graffiti Sport 5.12d
2.17  (6) 85ft


The Shocker Sport 5.14b
4.00  (1) 70ft  


Dark Side of the Flume Trad 5.9
3.00  (3) 0ft


Weak Sauce Project Sport Grade Unknown
4.00  (1) 0ft  


Gold Rush Sport 5.11d
4.61  (83) 70ft


Mosaic Sport 5.12c
4.75  (92) 60ft


All That Glitters Mixed 5.12c
5.00  (6) 0ft


Calm like a bomb Sport 5.13a
4.09  (22) 70ft


Break the Scene Sport 5.12a
4.32  (65) 0ft


The Tribute Sport 5.13a
3.00  (2) 0ft  


All That Quivers Trad 5.10b


Happy trails Sport 5.10d
3.49  (105) 75ft


The King Lives On... Sport 5.10b
3.18  (125) 70ft


Johnny B. Good Sport 5.11a
3.68  (164) 85ft


27 Years of Climbing Sport 5.8
4.42  (239) 65ft


Closed Project Sport Grade Unknown
4.00  (1) 65ft


Murano Sport 5.10b
3.39  (146) 75ft


Guernica Sport 5.11a
3.94  (81) 65ft


Guernica (to second anchor) Sport 5.12b
4.63  (8) 80ft  


A Brief History of Climb Sport 5.10b
4.28  (213) 75ft


Briefer History of Climb Trad 5.10d
4.14  (7) 80ft  


Knot Sure Sport 5.12-
1.80  (10) 65ft  


The Preacher's Daughter Sport 5.11-
3.86  (105) 70ft


Anonymous said on March 2nd, 2005
Confusing directions and difficult to locate routes.
Astroman said on May 3rd, 2005
I think "The King Lives On" and "Johnny B Good" are in the wrong spot. There is nothing but a strikingly blank face between Mosiac and the 5.12 corner. And "Mosiac" deserves at least 2 stars.
Astroman said on May 3rd, 2005
I think the name of the 5.12 corner is "All That Glitters." It's one bad-ass looking route.
Astroman said on May 5th, 2005
Still in the wrong spot. "Gold Rush" and "Mosaic" are right next to each other... I think "The King..." and "Johnny..." are way down to the right (past "Unnamed Sport Route")... I think...
Gaar said on May 31st, 2005
To the right of Johnny there are 3 more climbs, they didnt have tags so i did two of them. the middle of the 3 has the 2nd and 3rd bolt chopped,dont know why. but it was!
Anonymous said on June 18th, 2005
This area needs some serious trailwork. The poison ivy forest trail was unbelievable.
hoss said on July 6th, 2005
Anyone know the route to the right of the one w/ chopped bolts. I was told it was an 11.b, it's super fun although it needs cleaning. I had four different feet explode underneath me.
climbon said on April 6th, 2006
Does anyone know the name of the climb to the immediate left of davinci's left ear....i believe that it is mid 10's or so but don't really know.....
Wes said on April 6th, 2006
Unless something new went up in the last few weeks, Davici's left ear is the last route on the left side of that wall. There is one other route farther to the left, but it is much harder then 5.10.
michellerossi25 said on September 20th, 2006
On the map of the Gallery, there are only three routes listed on the wall with Davinci's left ear, but there are actually four bolted lines. I think there is one to the right of that route that is not in either guidebook. Anyone know anything????
SCIN said on November 25th, 2006
Parking Area GPS Coordinates: Latitude 37.65139, Longitude 83.71667
Josephine said on December 30th, 2007
route #22 should be "a briefer history of climb" - it's listed in the new guide book as a 10b trad route by blake.
JR said on July 31st, 2008
What is the route left of Gold Rush on the Mosaic wall??? Looks cool. Is it finished yet?
SCIN said on July 31st, 2008
Horatio and Lurk bolted it. Not sure if any of those weak sauce boys have sent it yet though.
staticjen said on July 21st, 2009
We were looking for a low key day and were wanting to try to onsight a bunch of 5.10s, we hadnt been to the far right end of the crag yet so we checked it out. Great area!! Long routes great moves well protected. The grades felt a little soft but when you want low key day its perfect!!
Cocoapuffs1000 said on April 20th, 2010
There is a dead tree hanging upside down above the cliff, bewteen Random Precision and Zen that looks like it is about to come down. Every time the wind picked up, we watched it slip a few inches. Watch where you sit, and for sure watch where you tie up your dog...
Anonymous said on July 27th, 2011
if memory serves the 3rd edition has an error in the wall topo, there is a discpreancy between the actual number of lines to the left of the hueco (the most left being DaVinci's) and an additional line being drawn on the wrong side of the hueco... also, for practical purposes there is nothing after Blank Canvas but some undeveloped rock, which at about 75 yards looks quite a bit like Stunning the Hog would have looked,
PatrickBecerra said on June 9th, 2015
Exercise caution at the pile of boulders just right of Mosiac and Gold Rush. Two copperheads were basking around there on 6/6/15. The dead leaves and stuff in there make the snakes very difficult to see. Stay on top of the large rocks and keep your eyes open people!
Anonymous said on April 27th, 2016
from right to left: gumby gallery, gallery, choss gallery. i hath spoken.
Anonymous said on April 27th, 2016
did that make you feel cool for a second?
pigsteak said on August 8th, 2016
there is a route between bain dramage and starry night...10c-ish...5 bolts and anchors..pretty nice little line.
DrRockso said on August 8th, 2016
Thanks piggie, surprised you got out climbing on ropes this year. This is the route
Anonymous said on October 18th, 2016
All the locals recommend this site above the mountain project, which has a offline guide tho does not (boo I climbed a route which I couldn't find here. Via TMP it is called Nailbiter left of eureka on an arete.. Sport 5.12- 8 bolts 75ft. Wish I could save some pics of me climbing this route on here and list it.
Anonymous said on October 18th, 2016
Wrong crag moron.
Chiyram said on October 19th, 2016
Eureka is at Lady Slipper/Global Villiage
Anonymous said on December 23rd, 2016
Anybody have any info on the two routes on the wall left of Zen?
Anonymous said on December 23rd, 2016
A0's beaten in by Jake
Anonymous said on April 16th, 2017
Not sure where else to post this but climbing out here today and our children opened our bag and lost my watch with my wedding ring on it. If anyone happens to find it please contact me. My husband designed it himself and it means so much to me. Thank you! Also the 5.10d - All Draws & No Brains - had a loose/not glued in bolt that someone fell off from so we marked it off. Rock and bolt came off. Thanks!
Anonymous said on April 16th, 2017
There are plenty of holds for two routes left of Zen; but, there is only one. The route starting off the pedestal is an open project of 13a or harder. Please donate to the bolting fund when you RP and name the route. The climbing between Zen and this crimpfest would be really fun.... just a thought. jake
codydegen said on September 25th, 2017
Figured I would throw this here, too, I was climbing yesterday at The Gallery and lost my phone. It has to be somewhere between the first parking lot at the bottom of the big hill and the far left side of the Gallery (Crimpy and the Brain, No Brain, No Pain). I've set it to show a number to call if found. If you find it, please give that number a call or send me a message.
kafish2 said on November 15th, 2017
Went climbing today and realized I left my shoes and chalk bag at the Gallery on Thursday. If anyone found a pair of instincts and a black Prana bag let me know. Thanks.
Anonymous said on November 27th, 2017
I give the gallery two thumbs up. The walk there from and to the parking lot is a little lengthy but relaxing. Also there is a gorgeous scenic feature of this area that has a huge ceiling and it was very humbling to stand under billion year old rock!! Climb 27 years and Murano! :)
Anonymous said on November 27th, 2017
Wow . Guess that's the final word on the gallery folks . Go ahead and wrap things in this comment thread because it's downhill from here .
Anonymous said on April 9th, 2018
What's the new line of glue-ins and permas in the water streak to the right of Stucco nu?
Anonymous said on April 9th, 2018
Think Jake bolted that a few years ago? Don’t remember perma draws being on it though. Don’t think anyone has done it.
Senrac said on October 10th, 2019
I left a pair of tenayas at the base of 27 years and Murano. If any one found them comment below and I’ll gladly compensate you for your return.