Directions to the BMW - The Pond sector

The Pond is home to some great moderates and one of the most unique free-standing boulders in the area. As you enter the sector you are greeted by the best V8 at BMW. Park at the main lot for Gallows/Pond/Rehab and follow the well marked trail until reaching an obvious field. When the trail forks left, continue straight along the ridge, passing another left fork (Gallows) until dropping down into the boulders. Directions: Drive down Hwy 1094 for 6 miles and look for a large clearing on the left. Park there or across from the clearing where the trail head is.The trail is an old logging road and starts uphill within 50 yards. (Car to The Pond is right at 18 minutes. Currently this is the longest approach at BMW.)There is grey duct tape marking the trail until it reaches the far side of the meadow on top. The tape ends where the old logging road heads sharply downhill.( At this point heading down the hill and going left will take you to The Gallows and Jurassic Park.) Instead of going down the logging road, head out on the point to your right. There is a faint trail running the length of this point. Follow it all the way to the end (less than 5 minutes) and you will run into The Pond. The Pier is the first boulder you come to.

Directions to the Boat Ramp boulder

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Barnacle V0


Rain for days V1


Set Sail V3


Fun Sox V8


Midgets with Widgets PROJECT V6


Drain the Swamp V2