Wally's Garage

Directions to the BMW - Mayberry sector

This spectacular bundle of gigantic free standing boulders is probably the most impressive collection of highballs in the BMW region. It is also the closest sector to the highway and one of the easier approaches.

Directions to the Wally's Garage boulder

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Problem Spray Name Grade Quality Picture


Gomer V4
Locate the hallway between Barbershop and Wally's Garage boulders. Gomer is the leftmost rounded arete. Spicy topout.


Goober V4
Start 1-2 feet to the right of the arete. Figure out a way to not be a Goober while trending slightly right and avoiding the arete. Tags
slopey-1 : highball-1


Ernest T Bass Breaking Glass V4
Smack dab in the middle of the face. Friction moves up to a slopey dish and then shoot for the jug at the lip. Must do.


Galaxy 500 V2
Straight up the right arete.


Razor Burn V5
Sit start 3 feet right of arete. Edges and crimps lead to a bizarro topout. Careful of tree behind.


Muffler Burn PROJECT V6
Start far right side downhill by Tipping Point. Race and ride the arete up and left for 10-12 feet. Sketch topout awaits.


Tipping Point V3
In the running for the best V3 in the universe...or at least at BMW. Sketch your way up the obtuse arete. A no hands rest at mid height allows you to ponder the exit moves. Your reach can make it or break it for you.