Directions to the BMW - Mullin's Point sector

As you are walking to The Pond you will see rock to your right a couple of minutes after passing the trail on the left to Gallows. Dive down to the right when you see rock to reach this area of mostly cliffside bouldering but a few great freestanding boulders.

Directions to the Pimple Butt boulder

From the walkdown off of the main trail continue diagonally down the hill passing some sections of cliffband while aiming for the first freestanding boulder. {show overview map}

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Problem Spray Name Grade Quality Picture


Dingleberries V1
Left, low side arete.


Pimple Butt V4
Obvious pimple dimple at knee height. Pop the puss, squeeze the juice, and enjoy the final release.


The Rash V2
Glide up the right arete, dancing with your feet.