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Directions to the Foxtown - Candy Bar sector

As you are driving into the upper parking area you pass several boulders along the way. Most of them are to your right.

Directions to the Youngbleed boulder

A squarish boulder just past a head-height prow protruding toward the road.

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Problem Spray Name Grade Quality Picture


Bounce V2
Just right of a crack facing the road. Start with a right gaston and left-hand on a fat flake. Pop up to a sloper and top out.


Rotate and Regulate V4
Left hand on the hold you use as a gaston for Bounce and right-hand on a crimp at head height. Smear feet where you can and head for the top.


Saints Arete V10
The striking and slightly steep arete on the road-facing side of this boulder. Static start.


Trainwreck V5
Start on saints arete. Left side pull and jump out right to the two huge pockets. They are sharp so tape helps. Avert disaster by hitting the proper slopers on top.